Simple Remedy For Sun

                                                      Sun is Universal Soul.Sun represents our Development of personality,Self Confidence.Ego,Positive Attitude,Authoritative post,Royal Status, political career,bureaucracy, Administration, Level Headed Personality,Father,Heart.

When Sun is weak or debilitated of afflicted it gives trouble with Authoritative person, specially with Father. Mostly I have observed when sun is debilitated and highly afflicted then either father does something for which child feels humiliated in society or vice versa.Weak Sun gives self doubt,t takes lots of hard work to reach top most post in working place if Sun is not Powerful.There can be thousands of remedy available for making Sun strong among them Reciting Aditya Hridaya Stotra Daily is the best one. In this Hustle Bustle of life its not possible for many to perform such Rituals everyday.Remember Gem stones only can alter 10% effects. Below are the list of simple but general remedies for sun, follow it for 6months then you are bound to feel positive results of it.

As sun signifies Father, so keep respectful distance with Father, so u will not have much interaction hence not too much clash.

Dont Cheat Govt for example cheating Tax.

Do not insult/contradict rulers (Govt), God…. remember at home Our Father is the Ruler.

Avoid being greedy and filthy. Wash your hands after you touch any footwear and also before lunch etc.

Keep pouring water to Sun everyday after shower before 1pm.

Keep serving your Father, keep pampering him with small gifts time to time. Or help him in his work whenever u can.

– Never try to bribe Govt Officials.

Avoid Taking Donations from others.

Dont Push your opinion all the time for the sake of your Ego, Learn to be generous.

Lessen the amount of salt intake.

Start any work after taking a little sweet with water.

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