Astro Combination To Be A Doctor


Aug, 2015

When ever we get to see Profession from Natal Chart, the very first thing we need to look out for
Financial Trine. That is 2-6-10 houses and their lords. As Profession means source of earning money
for livelihood so finance Trine will be helpful telling you all about their way of earning.

10th is the house of Karma, so its lord and the aspect in 1oth house
 6th is the house of service and day to day activity, so need to check 6th lord and aspect on 6th house, Lastly
  2nd is the accumulation of money we need to assess too.
 12th house and its lord as 12th is the house of hospitalization.
 Moon will have to be afflicted in some or other way
 All the technical planets like Mars,Saturn & Rahu will have to be connected with either Ascendant lord
of 10th house.
 Mercury is the planet denoting Medicine.
 Lastly not to forget the strength of Ascendant Lord and Moon Nakshatra.

In the above chart…….
 Ascendant and 10th lord is posited in 12th house of hospital.
 House of service lord 6th is exalted in house of wealth 2nd, so the person will be earning through job
or providing service.
Technical planet Mars and Saturn aspecting 10th house sitting in the house of basic education 4th.
 Mars the finance house lord is aspecting 10th house.
 Moon is Detriment as well aspected by Ketu and Mars, hence its afflicted
 Mercury the important one for medicine is debilitated. We need to understand one more thing, natural 6th house and the sign Virgo is for bad health, on which Physicians have their main role to play.
In this chart Mars and Saturn are afflicting each other and planet of Medicine Mercury is debilitated, afflicted by Rahu and Saturn.
Hence the person is Doctor academically but couldn’t pursue Medical as profession. He chose to be something else.

One more thing one needs to remember whenever looking for any prestigious professional degree from a chart; 4th house is for basic education and 9th house is for higher education if  these two houses are heavily afflicted or not having favorable dasha during student life then hard to complete  any degree or  completion will be with some delays.

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