Astrological Combination For Career In Acting


Feb, 2016

                                                                          Literature, dramatics, acting, media, entertainment all these starts as hobby in many people’s lives, later they found they can either sustain or it or not. Specially in India parents don’t wana give much chance even though children are talented enough.  I find that’s where Astrologer comes in, to show you the right path to overcome life long confusion utilizing the best of his/her technical knowledge in Astrology.

For deciding any particular profession, you have to find the related planets, connection of these planets with financial trine (2,6,10), houses, Yogas and lastly right Dasha at right age of life.

Planets for Dramatics/media/Acting>>>
Venus – which is for creativity, glamour.
Moon – for imagination, to support the creativity.
Mercury – for speech, communication, media.
Rahu – sheer popularity.

Among houses, 3rd house is the house for write-ups, media, communication, also for self employment.  So 3rd house play a huge role in earning via business or self employment.

Conditions to be in Dramatics or Acting :
1. 3rd lord is exalted or posited in own sign – that will say not suitable for employment.
2. 3rd house lord is in exchange with 1st house lord
3. 3rd and 1st lords are in conjunction.
4. Mutual aspect between 1st & 3rd lords.
5. 3rd lord connection with 10th house or 10th lord.
6. Venus is in good strength.
7. Venus making connection with financial trine.

Today after almost 25years career in Hollywood, Leonardo Dicaprio went home with Oscar award in hand. He is the promising actor of recent time who can dare to portray any shared of character in silver screen. I don’t think Hollywood producers think twice putting money on Leonardo. What gave him such a long career in acting and finally why today was the  day for him?

Career in Acting :
Venus, Saturn & Mercury are the lords of  financial trine 2-6-1oth houses.
Venus is in own sign with Ascendant and 10th lord Mercury
Third lord mars is in conjunction with 2nd,1st and 10th house lord Venus and Mercury.
In Navamsha or D9 chart,again Venus and Mercury having relation by mutual aspect 3rd lord.
In Dashamansha or D10 chart too Venus & Mercury both are having mutual aspect.

Leonardo Dicaprio was born in Moon Mahadasha, and when he was 8 years old his Rahu mahadasha started where Rahu is posited in 3rd house. Which gave him work in media; we all know he was a child artist.
His huge popularity in Titanic  film was also realsed in Rahu-Venus period which again activated him 3rd as well entire financial trine as Venus is in conjunction with 1st, 10th and 3rd lord.

Today on 29th of February 2016, Leonardo Dicaprio won the highest honor of Hollywood this year Oscar with other prestigious Awards like Golden Globe for his remarkable acting in “The Revenant”, when he is going through Jupiter-Rahu-Venus period.

Again his 3rd along with financial house got activated which fulfilled his long desire.

One thing we need to understand if this relation between 3rd, 1st or financial trine would be of other planets like Saturn or Mars or Jupiter with Venus and mercury weak in horoscope, then person will not end up being in pure media or dramatics. So its not only  houses, even planets matter too.

                                Many Congratulation to Leonardo Dicaprio on winning Academy Award.

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