Bharini Nakshatra – Pada 1 to 4

                                                                 ‘Extreme’ is the one word which sums up Bharani’s essential nature and functioning.It swings between polar opposites like ignorance and wisdom, maturity and immaturity,life and death. Bharani represents the desire of life. Just like a child wants to experience all of its surroundings, Bharani natives have a desire to experience their surroundings to the fullest.

They might go by instinct rather than reason. Most of their feelings and desires are so overwhelming that very little can be done to restrain them. Without proper guidance and understanding, Bharani natives are ready to jump into anything and everything without caution or consideration.

Bharani natives usually have large, expressive eyes, a prominent head, medium sized lips. Their smile is their most distinguishable feature. Head and Bottom Parts of the Feet are the body parts related to this nakshatra. It is very easy for Bharani natives to move from one action to the next without caring about the longterm impact. Bharani almost always tries to break the social norms or taboos one way or the other.

Entire Bharini Nakshatra falls in Sign Aries whose ruler is Mars and the ruler of this Nakshatra is Venus. Mars & Venus are the two planets most concerned with fertility and interplay with the sexes.Nowadays,it has become fashionable to associate men with Mars and women with Venus, but the truth is that it is the male who creates the sperm (Venus), while it is women who create and house (Mars) the new born. Conjunction of Mars and Venus carries an energy similar to that of Bharani.

Saturn reaches its maximum debilitation in this nakshatra.Bharani is the warm place of creativity and fertility, while Saturn is a cold planet of obstruction and delay. It is easy to see how they don’t go together. Other planets usually do well in Bharani, as long as Venus has a refined placement in the chart.

Professions :All Bharani natives have a creative urge inside them.Babysitters, Nannies, Nursery School Teachers; All professions involving children.Volcanic & Earthquake Experts; Geophysicists; Biologists & Microbiologists; Cooks, Caterers, Hoteliers,Seed & Fertilizer Industry. Motor Sports;Film & Entertainment Industry; Photographers; Models; All professions involving the use of sex and glamor.

1st Pada :Planets here can be extremely self-centric and can often offend others without meaning to. this pada has inharent will power and drive to achieve aim.Sun, Mars & Jupiter are especially strong in this pada.

2nd Pada :The emphasis here is on service and hardwork. Planets here function in an altruistic way. A certain degree of organization is seen even in typically extreme and chaotic Bharani mode. Mercury, Mars and Rahu are better suited for giving good results here.

3rd Pada : There is however no sense of any limits here when it comes to sex and relationships, which can be either a good thing or a bad thing depending upon the evolutionary level of a person.Being a pushkara navamsa pada it allows for fulfillment of one’s desires. Mercury, Venus & Rahu are best suited for utilizing the energies of this pada.

4th Pada : It can be a highly inventive and original pada if its explosive energy can be channeled properly. Sun, Mars & Ketu are strong here but may not always give beneficial results. Only the natural benefics Jupiter and Venus are suited for utilizing the energies of this pada in a wise, non self-destructive way.

Bharini people are mostly very strong to overcome many turbulence in life.They moan and cry like infants sometimes, but nothing holds them down for too long. Bharini people undergo huge transformations and radical changes throughout their lives. This is because of the extreme nature of Bharini Nakshatra.

Bharani types are usually enthusiastic and energetic in their approach to life. They have a strong sense of adventure in the fields they pursue. It is seen that they can only achieve their goals if they are under constant guidance from a more mature and wiser source.

Example: Bharini is one of the most sexual nakshatras of the zodiac. Sigmund Freud, the famous psychoanalyst, had prominent Bharani placements and no wonder then he reduced every activity of this earth to sexuality.

However the more evolved Bharani types realize that this force of attraction has more to do with love, harmony and conscious unity. Sexuality is just one of its many expressions.Imelda Marcos, one of the richest women in Asia, has her Moon placed in Bharani. Bharani’s tendency to give material extremes is amplified in her life.

She became well known for her massive shoe collection,whose number ran into thousands.She also had very harsh transformation in life which is another peculiarity of Bharini.Diva of Pop Medonna, Monica Lewinsky their venus is in Bharini and we all know how they came in lime light using their sex appeal.


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