Combinations For A Writer – Salman Rushdie

                                                                         There are no Hard and fast rules or combination for being a Writer. Our 3rd house represents writing and communication, media and Mercury is the natural significator of that.MERCURY WILL HAVE TO PLAY A KEY ROLE.

Writing needs lots of imagination and variety of vocabulary to express. They need to be very much well aware of society, on going world issues,culture, community,political scenario etc. Without having the sensitivity of various emotional approach of others its not possible to express well enough to touch other’s heart.Moon is for imagination and all kinds of emotions.MOON TOO WILL HAVE TO PLAY A ROLE IN THE CHART.

Being artistic in mind and expressing Love, Romance with more creativity of story plots and wordings u need Venus the
significator of Creativity and Arts. VENUS WILL HAVE TO BE HIGHLIGHTED FOR A WRITER.

Few people write about Romance, few social welfare, few about action films, comedy, political scenario,financial market,occult, medicine and so on….now for different subjects different planets will play key role.

Romance – Venus
Action – Mars
Literature – Venus + Sun
Finance/Comedy – Mercury

Writing skill needs knowledge, imagination, creativity,intelligence.

Ascendant is for your overall vitality, self confidence and strength of it will tell u how successful one can be.

3rd hour is For Writing, media, communication
4th house is for Basic Education
5th house is For Creativity and Endurance for Knowledge.
10th house is for Profession and Karma.
11th house is for success and Gain.
If 1st-3rd-10th houses are related to each other and the ruling planets are jupiter, merc,venus moon person can be a writer.1st lord in 5th house in strong position.
Exchange between 5th and 10th lords provided planets are either moon,jupiter,venus, merc
Exchange between 2nd and 5th lords are good for blooming with creativity.

Few Yogas that can make a native proficient in Writing

Saraswati Yoga : Jupiter, mercury Venus is in either kendra and kona and jupiter is either in own sign or frndly sign or sign of exaltation.

Gandharva Yoga : 10th lord is in either 3rd,7th or 11th house, Jupiter is in conjunction with Lagna Lord, Sun is strong or exalted and moon sittign in 9th house.

Kalanidhi Yoga : Jupiter posited in either 2nd or 5th in the sign
of either mercury or Venus.

Malavya and Bhadra Mahapurush Yoga can give good writing skills and Artistic mind.

Lets take one Example chart of World Famous Writer Salman Rushdie :

Lagna lord is strong in own sign sitting in Ascendant also jupiter is aspecting that Lagna lord Mars.

3rd,4th and 5th house lords are in conjunction in 3rd house and the main significator of writing Mercury is in its own sign Gemini. This conjunction of merc moon sun gave such a power to be creative with his wordings.

6th house is for house of day to day activity and also talks about Job or service. 6th lord in 3rd which is mercury making
budhaditya yoga made him a Copywriter in his early life later Writer.

This strong budhaditya yoga in 3rd house aspecting his 9th house alws made him talk about Political scenario more over saturn aspecting 10th house made him talk about justice. and ya he is a Lawyer by Academics.

Venus with Rahu in won sign 2nd house cudnt give him stable marriage being 7th lord but it gave earning through Arts/literature.


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