Feb, 2016

Astrological Combination For Career In Acting

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                                                                          Literature, dramatics, acting, media, entertainment all these starts as hobby in many people’s lives, later they found they can either sustain or it or not. Specially in India parents don’t wana give much chance even though children are talented enough.  I find that’s where Astrologer comes in, to show you the right path to overcome life long confusion utilizing the best of his/her technical knowledge in Astrology. For deciding any particular profession, you have to find the related planets, connection of these planets with financial trine (2,6,10), houses, Yogas […]



Aug, 2015

Astro Combination To Be A Doctor

When ever we get to see Profession from Natal Chart, the very first thing we need to look out for Financial Trine. That is 2-6-10 houses and their lords. As Profession means source of earning money for livelihood so finance Trine will be helpful telling you all about their way of earning. 10th is the house of Karma, so its lord and the aspect in 1oth house  6th is the house of service and day to day activity, so need to check 6th lord and aspect on 6th house, Lastly […]


Combinations For A Writer – Salman Rushdie

                                                                         There are no Hard and fast rules or combination for being a Writer. Our 3rd house represents writing and communication, media and Mercury is the natural significator of that.MERCURY WILL HAVE TO PLAY A KEY ROLE. Writing needs lots of imagination and variety of vocabulary to express. They need to be very much well aware of society, on going world issues,culture, community,political scenario etc. Without having the sensitivity of various emotional approach of others its not possible to express well enough to touch other’s heart.Moon is for imagination and […]