Sep, 2017

Reduce Weight By Balancing These Planets

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                                                                          If you are meeting your old friend after years, the first thing perhaps he will tell you, “hey you put on so much weight” or “you have reduced a lot man, you are looking cool.” In other words its nothing but putting more focus on Lagna. As Lagna talks about our body constitution, outlook etc. Obesity is nothing but high fat content in body which is the mother of many diseases. Obesity can bring depression in life too which can again lead you to over eating. Planets For Obesity […]



Feb, 2016

Medical Astrology

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Jul, 2015

Medical Astrology

                                                                            Check your 6th house, 8th house and sign posited there. then the lords …… and try to interpret from the lists below. 1st House Or Aries : Vitality, Body in general, Head, Fae, facial bones, Brain and Blood vessels of brain, complexion….                     […]