Feb, 2016

Aries Sign

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                                                               Moon Represents Water and it’s the lord of watery sign Cancer. Moon is tender, sensitive, Soft, Cold,emotional, Palpable. When moon is in Aries, it gives agression to mind, Cause Aries is a Fiery sign which is ruled by Mars. It makes a person Impulsive self independent, very active, ready to take challenge, impatient by nature. For Ariens its hard to perform routine duties they feel restless and bored easily of routine work. They always want something new, exciting, interesting in their life. If you want to start some new project […]



                                                          Moon Gets Exalted in Taurus so when Moon is in Taurus means Moon is in very Happy Mode.Moon is the fastest moving planet and being in earthy and fixed sign Taurus it gets stability, steadiness.Moon which actually represents our mind and emotion is giving stability and ditermination in our approach; making us emotionally strong and loyal to relatioinship.Because of this Earthy […]



                                                                Gemini the third sign representing the 3rd house is the most communicative sign in zodiac.When Moon is in gemini the person becomes Lively,Communicative, mentaly very much acitve. As Gemini is a mutable/Airy sign Moon in this sign makes a person Intelligent, varsatile,multi tasker,adaptable in various situation. As their forte is communication and gethering information, they very easily charm away the crowed in any social gathering .these People are very much social and cant sruvive without talking or communication or exchange of information aor idea.They are social Butterflies and can […]



                                                                When Moon is in Cancer its in very comfortable shape and position as Caner is Moon’s own sign. They are the mother of Astrology as Cancer owns the natural 4th house of Astrology. They nurture a maternal instinct, family oriented and love to care for others. They adore large families, always providing for others, keen on family history.Sympathetic, kind and compassionate they are sensitive to others.All these features give them the characteristics of Mother.They will always stand by you, when you are in need. Moon in Cancer gives a very creative […]



                                                                 Moon in Leo Moon in sun’s Sign here can bestow you with the leadership, confidence, Pride,Charisma Like Sun. Leo People are Dignified, strong, also well-organised, idealistic and their sense of power that allows them to get things done as well as inspire others.They love to feel free and freedom.Moon in Leo people are assertive and optomistic in nature and they know how ot take adventage of the opportunities.the key word is pride. Their mentality is robust, strong.Just like the planet Sun they are bright and A natural leader. They […]



                                                               Moon is in second Earthy sign of zodiac Virgo, ruled by Mercury will make a person very much methodical.Moon which represents our mind gets stability. Virgo People are stable but flexible.Virgo is a very practical and systematic sign.Virgo people are reliable, practical and task oriented. Virgo Moon likes to stay busy, and they are happy as long keeping every small small detailing of everything in their life.Virgo is a sign of service. They have an innate need to nurture themselves and others through offering practical service in every possible […]



                                                                Aquarius the Mool Trikon sign of Saturn, also the co-ruler of Aquarius is Urenus. An Aquarian is realist and always prepared for the unexpected like the planet Uranus. If you notice the symbol of Aquarius,water is flowing from a jar,so they are the ultimate giver of zodiac.Being the 11th sign, Aquarius is a friendly sign also gives importance to friendship in life.This is the last Airy sign so very smart and intelligent your Aquarius friends are for sure.They like continuous experimentation as its a very much scientific and experimentative […]



                                                                 Here Moon is in Watery mutable sign Pisces that’s making a person dreamy,highly emotional a bit away from practical life.They are flexible, mutable, very adjusting always so are mostly indicisive.These people mostly have the core characteristics of Neptune thats the reason they cant have grudge for long and never too much worried for tomorrow. By nature Pisces people are timid, highly emotional and compassionate and too much careless about themselves.Piscians are more inclined towards illusions. They love to live in fantasy and they love anything that will help them […]