Chandra Mangal Yoga


Dec, 2015

Formation Of Yoga: When Moon and Mars are in conjunction or quadrant (Kendra) from each other, then Chandra Mangal Yoga or Shashi Mangal Yoga gets formed in a horoscope. Moon being the fastest moving planet, this yoga is quite common in horoscope. To assess the core result of this Chandra Mangal yoga, you need to know little technicalities about formation of yoga. After all the result of any yoga depends on the placement and rulership of in a Horoscope.
Both the Yoga causing planets Moon & Mars cant be exalted neither both can be debilitated in a chart.
Either Moon can be exalted Or in own sign,
Either Mars can be exalted or in own sign,
One exalted another own sign can be possible if conjunction or opposite placement in Cancer /Capricorn.
One debilitated another own sign can also be possible if the conjunction is in Cancer or Scorpio.

Result of Yoga : In general the person with Chandra Mangal Yoga gets angry quickly, feel competitive, disobedient to mother, gain from woman, exploitation to woman. They are arrogant but hate arrogance, aggressive for acquiring money, power, has strong materialistic tendencies. So they don’t care by which means finance is getting boosted. Mostly spouse of male natives are well earned.

Yogas should always get formed with functional benefics not with malefics. So here too the result of Sashi Mangal Yoga will get altered as per the lordship in different Ascendant.

For, cancer, leo, Libra, Capricorn. Pisces Ascendant – Chandra Mangal Yoga in 9/10/11th house can give really good result. Person will earn from noble way, will be wealthy, powerful, will give good competition to his enemy and resourceful through out life.
For Aries , Scorpio, Libra Ascendant – Chandra Mangal Yoga in benefic houses gives mixed results as here one of the yoga causing planets is functional benefic another one is functional malefic.

For Taurus, Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius Ascendant – Shashi Mangal yoga is dangerous and can play a havoc in life as both yoga causing planets Mars & Moon are functional malefic for these Ascendant. Then we can observe all negative traits like drinking, drug addiction, being rude to woman, exploiting woman, acting like brainless person. if Jupiter is aspecting on that yoga which can mitigate 50% of the negative effect.

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, President Nicolas Sarkozy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and Many criminals, serial Killers, sex offenders Like Ted Bundy has this Chandra Mangal Yoga in Horoscope.

Woman with Chandra Mangal Yoga will be really strong, active, independent, self-earned wealth will be there in her life. Not gona rely on in laws property.

                              Mostly person with Chnadra-Mangal Yoga go for liquid related business.

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