Gajkesari Yoga of David Cameron


Oct, 2015

                                                                          When Jupiter And Moon are in conjunction, it makes one very auspicious yoga called Gajkesari Yoga. This yoga blesses people with sterling qualities; Courage, intellect, high post in society, loved by the Authority also loved by men, will live like a King and so on.The problem is, almost 20%-30% people are born every month with his great Gajkesari Yoga in their horoscope.horoscope. Ofcourse such a huge portion population cant have such sterling qualities gifted by Gajkesari Yoga.So the truth will be hidden under the microscopic view of this yoga formation.

Formation of Yoga :

Moon & Jupiter will have to be in Kendra from each other or,

Jupiter will have to be either Quadrant from Moon or,

Moon & Jupiter will have to be in Quadrant from Ascendant.

So the only two planets involved making this Yoga is Moon & Jupiter. To get the most oout of this benefic Yoga
certain conditions will have to get fulfilled.

Criteria for Good Result :

Moon or Jupiter neither of the planet should be debilitated.

Moon & Jupiter should not be in inimical sign

Jupiter should not be combust

Jupiter should not be Retrograde.

If Jupiter Is retrograde and aspccted by a malefic, (Saturn, Mars or with Rahu or Kctu) the promised good results get reduced.

We should keep few things in mind while assessing Gajkesari Yoga :

Both Moon & Jupiter cant be exalted together in this yoga.

Jupiter gets exalted in Cancer while Moon in Taurus and both Cancer and Taurus are not Quadrant from each other, they are 3/11 from each other.

If Jupiter is exalted then Moon have to be in Cardinal sign(chara raashi)- Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capri

If Moon is exalted in Gajkesari Yoga then Jupiter will be in fixed signs (sthir raashi) – Taurus,

Both Jupiter & Moon cant be debilitated and form Gajkesari Yoga.

Either Jupiter or Moon can be either exalted or debiliated in Gajkesari Yoga.

Assessing Gajkesari Strength :

Ascendant should be strong enough to bestow good result

Check whether the moon is in Gandant or not

Check if Moon is in Kemudrum or not

Check the lordship of Moon & Jupiter in horoscope.

Check whether Moon Dasha is coming under 20years of life or not.

Many people keeps on complaining for not getting much benefice result form Gajkesary Yoga.Except Aries, Gemini,
Cancer,Virgo,Scorpio, Pisces Both Juptier & Moon gets lordship of many malefic houses.

Lets take a look at the Gajkesari Yoga of two times British Prime Minister David Cameron.He is having Virgo
**Rising so Gajkesari yoga causing planets Moon is 11th lord while Jupiter is the lord of 4th and 7th both are
in conjunction in 11th house of profit,benefit,desire fulfilment.
**Neither Moon nor Jupiter is aspected by any malefic
**Moon in own sign while Jupiter exalted
**Jupiter is in Pushkar Navamsha as in watery sign 8degree.
**As its 7th lord exalted Jupiter involved in this Yoga, his success in career was backed up by the influence of
his wife’s family background.

He will never have Jupiter Mahadasha in his life but he will be having Moon Mahadasha from 2020 to 2030.Still
that unblemished Gajkesari Yoga gave him High position, liked by people, lots of wealth too.Till 2014 he was
going through Ketu Mahadasha, Ketu sitting in 2nd house is another Pushkar Navamsha Planet, is in the
Nakshatra of Jupiter Vishakha hence he got all this positions authority and honor in life.In October 2010,
David Cameron inherited £300,000 from his father’s will. His name will be indeed written in History of this

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