Hamsa Mahapurush Yoga

                                                                          In Basic Yogas 5 Mahapurush Yogas are Very Important to figure out in chart and their Results. They are not rare to find in charts hence have to measure out the strength of MP yoga very carefully in different levels and the intensity of their result in Life.

There are total 5 Mahapurush Yogas – Hamsa, Malavya, Sasha, Ruchaka, Bhadra Mahapurush Yoga.

When ever planets(Jupt,Mars,Merc,Saturn,Venus) are in their own sign or the sign of exaltation thats too sitting in Kendra houses (1,4,7,10) forms Mahapurush yogas of different forms.

In my opinion these days MP yogas are not that much in action, if Yoga causing planets sitting in Quadrant (1,4,7,10)are not having any relation with Trine houses (1,5,9) then you cant expect much result out of these MP yogas.Kendra houses represents Lord Vishnu and Trine houses Represent Goddess Laxmi Houses so if there is no connection between these two then not much of prosperity in Native’s Life.Trine houses represent past karma and kendra houses are for existing life karma.All powerful yogas need a link between quadrant and trine lords. Either through conjunction, aspects or through stars.

Hamsa Mahapurush Yoga : When Jupiter is in Saggi,Pisces or in Cancer sign also sitting in one of the kendra houses then it is Hamsha MP Yoga.This yoga can only get formed strongly in Aries, Pisces, Cancer,Libra Ascendant charts.Strength of the yoga is Dependant on Ascnd and Jupiter. Person having this MP Yoga wil be liked by all and having many righteous disposition. In my experience person with Hamsa MP Yoga has tremendous patience and positivity,optimism.Rest all depends on Juptier’s strength in Dasha varga.

Example : King George VI, Jayalalitha (CM), Madhuri Dixit, Priyanka Gandhi All are having this Yoga.


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