Hitler & Ruchaka Mahapurush Yoga

                                                                           When Mars is in any of the Quadrant houses (1,4,7,10) and either in own sign Aries or Scorpio or in the sign of exaltation Capricorn then Ruchaka Mahapurush Yoga gets formed. Let me remind all of you once again all MP Yogas are commonly found in many charts. Strength of Ruchaka Yoga depends on

strength of Ascendant

Strength of mars

Mars should be unblemished.

This yoga works well for Aries,Cancer,Leo,Capricorn,Pisces Ascendants and average for Virgo and Taurus.

Person with Ruchaka MP Yoga have lots of enthusiasm, courage, aggression, forced personality,having oval shaped face.They are blessed with lots of property,Name fame.

Now one needs to evaluate the facts of getting this yoga Cancellation.If saturn in chart is debilitated then the good result will be altered.If mars is weak in Amsha Bala then too its not gona give much of its good results.

Example: Aishwariya Rai, Sachin Tendulkar,Lord Shri Raam all are having Ruchaka Mahapurush Yoga.

Even Adolf Hitler had this yoga in his 7th house and his life story and characteristics goes so well with the textual result of Ruchaka MP Yoga.Long Oval face with great enthusiasm great carisma and luster, love for war,lots of anger, a very forceful personality, victory over enemies,Cruel personality and death by weapons or fire.

Dispositor of his Lagna lord Venus is Mars which is in his own sign in kendra house making Parvat yoga. and jupiter’s aspect on that mars is strengthening this yoga.Jupiter cudnt help him out in having soft personality as this Hamsa Mahapurush yoga is getting formed only form moon chart and in his chart Mars is stronger than Jupiter.


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