Astro Analysis Of Vijay Mallya Horoscope


Mar, 2016

                                                                          Looking at Vijay Mallya’s horoscope, the very frist thing I tried to find out what are the planets talking about his so called good times. Mr. Mallya’s horoscope is having strong Raaj yogas but no fancy yogas to have the kind of good time he used to have. Nakshatras of each planet in his horoscope says so loud about his ongoing life. Many said its Saturn who gave him all few saying Saturn is taking back all. But all I know Govt is still not taking back all from Vijay Mallya neither from those who was helping him to empty our big big banks.

Highlights Of Horoscope:
Mutual exchange between 7th and 11th lord Sun & Jupiter making Maha Parivartan Yoga; were none of the planets are debilitated or inimical sign.  That gave him huge boost in entire Juptier Mahadasha where he expanded his inherited business so much so that United Breweries was the second largest liquor company as per volume.
His 5th Lord Mercury along with 7th lord Sun aspecting 5th house of entertainment, and we all know how Vijay Mallya was famous for his  Kingfisher photoshoot which kept many young guys and gals waiting for long to be the part of it.  And ya how to forget the planet of glamour Venus too is aspecting 4th house from 11th where Venus is in Uttarashada – the extreme fancy side of Venus which gets carry forward from P. Ashada.
He didn’t put break with Kingfisher Model Hunt, for the sake of entertainment and limelight he stepped in to IPL, Formula One racing, even a television channel named Good Times.
As I always say, Pluto the planet of duality, in Vijay Mallya’s horoscope gave two marriages sitting in 7th house of partnership.
His 7th lord and 5th lord are in conjunction which gave him his own choice of marriage both the times and every time with little off beat partner. First wife was not from same religion and second one was already twice married.
His 10th lord Mars is in Rahu nakshtara Swati and 10th house too has Rahu in conjunction with Ascendant lord Saturn, that made him unstoppable with too much greed or hunger of Rahu.

What Made Him Liquor Barron?
8th lord Mercury is with 9th lord Venus in 11th house of gain which says so well he got the business from his father. As 8th is the house of inheritance which is in conjuction with the house of father 9th lord Venus.
Of course he has Chandra Mangal Yoga, where one of the yoga causing planet Mars is his 10th the profession house lord. That helped him to be in liquid business. Even his Dashamansha Chart D10 is having Chandra Mangal yoga, where Moon is 10th house lord.

Fall Of Kingfisher Kingdom:
In Vijay Mallya horoscope, All the airy signs – Gemini, Libra Aquarious are almost empty except Mars occupying Libra and all these airy sing lords Mercury, Venus & Saturn are posited either in watery or fiery sings. That is surly not a good positioning to go for Airline business.
During the time he Bought Deccan Airways from Capt. Gopinath, he was going through Saturn Mahadasha. Specifically it was Saturn-Saturn-Saturn period for him. During that time Rahu-Ketu was transiting to his 4-10 axis and Saturn is in 5th house Gemini.
Saturn is in Saturn Nakshatra Anuradha signifying 1st,9th and 12th houses in KP chart says no way he can do well in Saturn Mahadasha while opening some new venture that’s too Airlines.
Nothing in his horoscope says he could be in Airline Business, it seems he got tricked by Capt. Gopinath and his lucrative narration over Deccan Airways. Secondly his long lost attraction for Aviation field. Not to forget he even got married to Air India Air hostess. It seems he was always fascinated about Aviation field like majority of world population.

Interesting Facts on Vijay Mallya
Vijay Mallya donated 3KG gold in Tirupati Balaji Temple, He always keep one month fasting during Shabarimala Parikrama strictly wears Black Dhoti, took his first aircraft to Tirupati immediately after getting delivery from Aircraft manufacturing company for performing special puja. But The other side of Flamboyant Vijay Mallya we watch in television or read in media has different shades. All the credit goes to his Retrograde Jupiter which is a prominent planet for Aquarius.
When Jupiter is Retrograde, it definitely gives too much expansion in anything or everything where they don’t know how to stop.  Person with Jupiter Rx person has very different concept of religion or spirituality which is very much visible in Vijay Mallya’s life style.
Jupiter being 2nd and 11th lord didn’t make him one of the richest men of India. His Juptier is Avyogi planet still it gave good results interms of wealth and success,; Jupiter MD activated his Mahaparivartan yoga and 7th house Leo, which is the Indu Lagna For Vijay Mallya. Indu Lagna Lord is actually having mutual exchange with trine lord that made him Billionaire overnight.
8th lord of inheritance Mercury is in Mula Nakshatra, 7th lord Sun too in Mula which was  bound to give that fall after achieving all. After all Mula is self-destructive.
His Dashamansha Ascendant lord Venus is debilitated which is also Yoga karak of D1 chart, which says he had to go through this fall, if not much precaution earlier.

Future Prediction :
Very first thing I wana say, he will bounce back for sure but not so soon.
Whenever Saturn crosses Natal Rahu or Rahu crosses Natal Saturn, it gives drastic change in life, the life before and after such transit is never gona be same, and good or bad result depends on Dasha and other transit results. So for Mallya 2016 is going to be the black marking year in his life.
Saturn Return in 10th house of Scorpio while passing natal Rahu in 23degree of Scorpio, in few days, Vijay Mallya already got the heat in the beginning of this month and had to leave the country to be away from further legal troubles.
Recently solar eclipse happened in his Ascendant and Jupiter and Rahu too sitting in his 7th house in transit surly not going to give any helping hand from anyone or from old time (good time) friends those helped or recommended him to loot many banks.He is yet to face a lot, as his Saturn-Rahu period will start at the end of this year, at the same time his Ascendant lord Saturn will be crossing gandant degrees, soon after will cross natal Sun. So till July 2017 life will be upside down.
Rahu is in 8th lord Mercury nakshatra, and Mercury in 11th so it will give relief in few fields among so many complains on him, but with the above transit factors surly he will not be able to hold back his property and luxury of life.
Saturn the 12th lord will be with the 6th house of disease lord Moon making core Sade Saati during 2020 will make him a frequent visitor to doctors and hospitals.
His Saturn Mahadasha will be till 2022, and during 2020 he will be going through peak of Sade Saati, So till his Saturn- Jupiter-Mars period is not starting in 2021, there is no relief for him.
Best way out for him to keep cool, go with the flow and waiting for 2021. His Mercury Mahadasha will also activate his Viparit Raaj Yoga in Dashamansha D10 chart. Some opportunity is surly gona knock his door.
His 10th house Point in Astakvarga D10 chart is much higher than the 10th house point of D1 chart. Which is saying when his Mercury Mahadasha will start being 9th lord in D10 chart also making VRY will give him a bounce back.
During 2019 one of his children will be going through a very tough time mostly Sid Mallya being the elder one among children, as Saturn and Ketu both will be aspecting 5th house of progeny during that time and Dasha too will not be supportive.

King of good time Vijay Mallya was born with a golden spoon , where he reached today was by his free will.

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