How To Change Destiny


Apr, 2016

                                                                          Most of the time I get to hear from people when Every thing is predestined then what astrology or astrologer can do? There is a word ‘ Free will’ comes inbetween opening a small window in that fixed condition but then few people are smarter than me. They go nonstop saying “even how much freewill will be working in life that’s too is written in destiny.” So why to study astrology and what an astrologer can do?
We are here in this life due to our own past karmas. What we do in this life time + what karmas we have left in balance from our past lifetimes, will come to shape our future life times. Oh Ya, Karma is a bitch.

So our present life is a swim across Prarabdh Karma, which is fixed and destined to happen. To make it worse we have three kinds of Karma which will ultimately tell how to deal with destiny.

Dridha Karma – Fixed Karma
Adridha Karma – Flexible Karma
Dridha-Adridha – Mixed Karma.

If your Prarabdh is Dridha Karma then nothing can change it. Except predicting when the heat will hit you hard or predicting part, Astrologer cant help you well much. No Astrological Remedy or gemstone can change your sufferings. So sooner you take shelter on God’s lotus feet better for you.

If your Prarabdh is Adridha Karma then Astrologer will have the full grip on your horoscope from prediction to diverting your destiny with activation of houses through good karma or significant remedial measures. You don’t have to struggle much to change your life into positivity. A good astrologer can give a full throttle to your life. Even if you dont seek any guidance of astrologer still you can enjoy your life upto some extant cause of past life Good karma.

If your Prarabdh is Dridha-Adridha Karma then you can swim or float well in this birth with the help of remedies, good advice, blessings of your parents, faith in goodness etc. Now it is upto your free will to decide whether to to maximize the positivity of life or not.

Now that’s where the work of a good and experienced Astrologer comes who can find out from your chart whether your Prarabdh is Fixed, mixed or flexible karma so that there will be any chance of Free will or remedy to work on you or not. That’s where you can work on your free will to change the destiny. Lifelong remedial measure and change of life style can even change your balance your Fixed karma & Agmani Karma then you will start enjoying life. Once again only Astrologer after analyzing your horoscope can say which type of remedy can balance your Dridha Karma at the end.

Remember all the situations are created by us, we are the victim of our past Karma. As you saw, so you reap.

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