Indu Lagna – Financial Strength in Horoscope


Nov, 2015

Indu lagna is also known as the ascendant of wealth & Prosperity. Indu lagna is analyzed to determine the financial situation of a native. It is used to determine the wealth and prosperity of the native. In Uttar Kalamrit  for every planet  one root  number is allotted to calculate Indu Lagna.

How to calculate Indu Lagna :
Figure out the 9th house lord from your Ascendant and see how many root points are allotted to that planet.
Note down the 9th house lord from your Moon sign and how many points are allotted to that planet.
Add up these two planets’ allotted numbers
Divide by 12, look at the REMINDER
Whatever the reminder, you need to count that many houses from your Moon’s position in chart and that will be your Indu Lagna.
If reminder is 1 then your Indu Lagna is where your moon is posited.
If reminder is 0 then 12th from your moon sign or previous house of your moon’s position is your Indu lagna.


When a planet is posited in Indu lagna then dasha period of that planet will be financially better.
A malefic planet in indu lagna will give moderate result
A malefic and one benefic will give mix result
One exalted malefic will give very good wealth at the end of the dasha.
No planet in indu lagna then the planets aspecting the lagna and strength of the Indu Lagna lord will give good result.
Strong 2nd and 11th from Indu Lagna  will also increase potency of acquiring more wealth.

Planet Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
Value 30 16 6 8 10 12 1


Lets take one chart as an example to know how it works and how to find out Indu Lagna.

9th from above chart is Aquarius and Lord Saturn who got 1 point.
9th from moon is Scorpio and Lord Mars is allotted to core point 6
Adding up these two planets’ point getting 7 point.
As number is small so cant divide by 12 hence need to count 7 houses from moon’s position
so Indu Lagna of this chart is 7th from Moon that’s Virgo 4th house.

Result in chart
Make the chart as per Indu Lagna.
Indu Lagna lord Virgo is exalted posited in the Indu Lagna, making the lagna stronger.
During Mercury Mahadasha he got enrolled in Harvard University in 1973.
Ketu is he planet aspecting his Indu Lagna too.
Again During his Ketu-Jupiter period IBM first approached Bill Gates for personal computer operating system in 1980. That was the beginning point for Billion Dollar Company Microsoft.
2nd house from Indu Lagna has Exalted Saturn, Venus own sign and Sun Debilitated.
Venus Mahadasha period he launched first retail version of Windows Operating System.
When Sun MD finally started It started giving mixed result, first of all slowly dot com bubble started bursting out so that gave a setback to Microsoft day by day.
Though Microsoft started reaching new heights every day in terms of earning, but Bill Gates started donating all his assets to charitable fund. So that’s how Debilitated Sun brought him down to the list of Forbes richest people.
20 years of Venus Mahadasha he didn’t have to look back.
Kendra from Indu Lagna is Moon sitting in friendly sign.
So total 4 planets are associated with Indu lagna above all Indu Lagna Lord is exalted.

He became millionaire at the age of 30 however he became  Billionaire at the age of 31.

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