Jupiter In Astrology


Oct, 2015

           Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius & Pisces sign also the ruler of natural 9th and 12th house in a horoscope.Jupiter is the greatest benefic planet in Astrology and key significator of knowledge, wisdom,opulence, optimism,fortune, expansion.It is warm, temperate,patience, religious, masculine,generosity, fruitful in nature.Jupiter the real name is ‘Brihaspati’ comes from the word Brihat; which means very big.

Jupiter gets Exalted in Cancer 5 Degree
Jupiter gets Debilitated in Capricorn
Jupiter gets detriment in Gemini
Jupiter Mooltrikon sign is Sagittarius

Jupiter has three aspects from its own position – 5,7,9th. Being the most benevolent planet, conjunction or aspects of Jupiter are generally positive, gives enriching, expansive, optimistic, positive, qualities to other planets which may create more harmony, broader philosophical views, and opulence, devotion,balancing situation in human life. Even when Jupiter is conjunct with Saturn it narrows down the malefic nature of Saturn. For materialist aspect Jupiter shows recognition, respect from people, praising, popularity, big hearted, expansion of horizon, uplifting and broadening the conditions. Remember Jupiter is a multiplier.

Jupiter is retrograde for almost 5 months every year. When ever Jupiter is in transit 6th 7th & 8th from the
transit Sun it becomes Retrograde. A well placed Jupiter makes a person honest, truthful, just, jovial,
religious, lover of justice, fortunate with inborn qualities of wisdom and judgement. As Jupiter is the ruler
of natural 9th house Sagitterius and 12th house Pisces, it has all the connection in higher knowledge, Guru,
spiritual and phylosophical scriptures, pilgrimage & spiritual pursuit in life.So a good Jupiter can make a
person full of spirit, gallant, attractive, lovable, to him power and authority means more than money. A
Jupiterian person is fond of show and ceremony.

Signification of Jupiter : Knowledge, teacher, reputation, philosophy, morality, justice, fairness, charity, advise, wisdom, scriptures, gratitude, over indulgence, blind optimism, tradition, elders, father’s relative.

Sun, Moon, Mars are the friendly to Jupiter & Mercury, Rahu, Saturn are inimical to Jupiter while Venus is neutral.A
weak Jupiter may give lack of vitality in a person, losses the capacity to stand for justice, unethical activity, selfish, snobbish, aggressive, tyrannical, too much bossy and doing nothing, ignorant, blind faith on others specially running behind fake gurus, partial, demand respect.If Jupiter gets afflicted by Rahu which makes guru chandal Yoga, gives the tendency to either having blind faith fake guru or himself becomes a fake guru and mislead people. In short they are highly misleading, deceptivee people. Jupiter gets directional strength in 1st house.

Profession/Trading related to Jupiter – Teacher, councillor, Advisor, priest, Professor, Justice, preacher,
writer of religious books, head of educational institute, Pandits, magistrate,

Jupiter rules over : Liver, Fats, congestion, Obesity etc.

Jupiter has three nakshatras – Punarvasu, Vishakha, Purva Bhadrapad, among them Punarvasu is where Jupiter
shows its full on positive and constructive appraoch.Jupiter mahadasha has 16years, depending on the lordship
in chart and its akshatra lord,Jupiter mahadasha will give its result in life.Mostly Jupiter mahadasha gives ethical thoughts, endurance for grabbing more knowledge, pilgrimage, religious inclination, long journey, charity, son, fortune, earning from respectable source, respect in society, expansion of work except for Taurus, Leo, Libra, Capricorn Ascendant people.Orange is the color of Jupiter. Yellow Sapphire is the gem stone
for Jupiter and Gold is the matel alotted to Jupiter.

Jupiter works first class as a Maraka planet, by giving to much indulgence in eat, drink & merry kinda activity.

Friends to : Sun, Moon, Mars
Neutral to : Saturn
Enemy to : Venus, Mercury, Rahu
One Sign Transit : 13 months
12 Sign Transit : 12 years
Nakshatra : Punarvasu, Vishakha, P. Bhadrapad.
Dasha Tanure : 16 years
Body Parts : Liver.
Color : Saffron/orange
Metal : Gold
Gem : Yellow Saphire
Direction : North-East
Deity : Brahma

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