Ketu In Vedic Astrology


Jan, 2016

Ketu the shadowy planet which we cant see like we can see other planets. That’s the reason Ketu works on psychological level, is one of the malefic planet in Astrology. Ketu owns the sign Sagittarius/Pisces. Ketu is the chief significator of poison, discrimination, furious mind, in human nature. Ketu eclipses Moon. Ketu is also known as Dragon Tail. Ketu is the planet of spirituality.

Ketu gets Exalted in Scorpio
Ketu gets Debilitated in Taurus
Ketu Mooltrikon sign is Gemini

In Vedic Astrology, Ketu has three aspects from its own position that is 5th, 7th and 9th. Ketu is the planet of obstacles so affliction of Ketu will scatter the positivity of the nature of the planet maligned also Ketu soaks out whatever the nature and signification of any planet. Ketu is quite careless in nature and never run behind materialistic gratifications. Affliction of any planet by Ketu will surly lose its power, the natural smoothness of planet signification will be highly missing. Ketu’s position in any house of the chart can create lack of interest, separation, uncertainty related to that house signification in life. Ketu has the tendency to work as separative agent in a horoscope

Ketu is always having retrograde motion, never direct. Ketu never even gets stationary. A well posited Ketu can give high sense of power, stubbornness and authority in public. Ketu does well in 12th house as Ketu is the natural significator of 12th house of Moksha. Ketu is the main agent in horoscope to have suicidal tendency – specially by hanging when it afflicts Moon.

Signification of Ketu : Bankruptcy, back biting, quarrel, Nirvana, Moksha, vicious tendency, deception, surrender, esoteric, discard, behead, thoughtless, careless, partition, severe etc.

Profession/Trading related to Ketu – Medicine dealer, herbal product maker, medical practitioner or doctor, astrologer, philosopher, Dog trainer.

Ketu rules over three Nakshatra Ashwini, Magha, Mula; in that Magha works as highly active constructive one. Ketu Mahadasha comes for 7 years depending on the lordship in chart and its Nakshatra lord Ketu mahadasha bestows its result. Mostly it gives obstacles, misery, loss of wealth and blood relations, chanting mantras, pilgrimage, lack of peace of mind hence Ketu starts showing the path of spirituality, separation from family, secret behavior. Brown is the color of Ketu. Cat’s eye is the gem allotted to Ketu.

The infamous term ‘Kaal Sharp Dosh’ in Astrology belongs to particular Rahu-Ketu position in horoscope.

Friend to : Saturn, Venus & Mercury
Neutral to : Jupiter
Enemy to : Sun, Moon & Mars
One Sign Transit : 18 months
12 Sign Transit : 18 years approx
Nakshatra : Ashwini, Magha, Mula
Dasha Tanure : 7 years
Body Parts :
Color : Brown
Metal : Lead
Gem : cat’s eye
Direction : South-west

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