Magha Nakshatra – Pada 1 to 4


Sep, 2015

                                                                          Achievement is the key word which describes Magha nakshatra well. Magha, the brightest and largest amongst nakshatrasMagha bestows reward under its influence through power, position, authority; and in higher aspect, through self knowledge. Magha is the first nakshatra which relates to the individualization process. It represents all that we mean when we say “I”. In many cases Magha can bestow all of this as a result purely through hereditary.

It is Magha’s job to shape the present using the past. Wherever this nakshatra is placed in a chart one will experience the positive effects of one’s past karmas. This may manifest as opportunities or favour from those in high positions. These favours are very sudden and based on impulse from those who bestow them.

Its fierceness corresponds to the fierce aspect of Ketu. This is very much a worldly nakshatra which is interested in human affairs. Ketu is known to us as a separative planet which disassociates one from worldly ties, but through Magha Nakshatra it promotes involvement in mundane affairs for discharging one’s worldly duties. It brings
out the materially active side of Ketu which is very concerned about social status, prominence. This is why its pitfall lies in making one over ambitious in one’s material pursuits.Ketu is also a naturally rebellious planet so Magha is directly related to all types of revolts against authority.
Person with Magha rising or strong Magha influence are easy to spot because of their big noses Magha people have middle stature and lion-like top heavy bodies.Following a moral and ethical code is important for their inner peace of mind. Magha natives usually have a strong concern for the continuation of their family lineage through progeny.

Rulership : Ketu is the main planetary ruler of Magha. The entire Magha nakshatra falls in sign Leo where Sun is the lord.So Sun and Ketu are two planets related to Magha.One of Ketu’s main symbols is a Flag, which directly relates to authority, eminence, fame etc. This favoured position in the present life is earned due to meritorious past life deeds.This asterism can be seen as a combination of Sun’s and Ketu’s energies.Ketu as I have mentioned above, is a genetic planet and represents the paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother in a chart. Our connection with our ancestors has a lot to do with our I past lives which is again a Ketu domain. To sum it up, Magha has a lot to do with the genetic and past heritage aspect of Ketu.
Sun-Ketu conjunction in a nativity carries an energy similar to that of Magha. Fiery royal planets like Sun & Mars usually do well in Magha. Servant planets like Saturn however feel at sea in this nakshatra.

1st Pada 00° 00′ – 3° 20′ Leo, falls in Aries Navamsa ruled by Mars. This is the pada relating to the will power in us.Magha qualities like self assertion, leadership, courage and idealism are displayed here to their fullest.
2nd Pada 3° 20′ – 6° 40′ Leo, falls in Taurus Navamsa ruled by Venus.This is a very ambitious pada.Planets placed here bring about favours from superiors.
3rd Pada Leo, falls in Gemini Navamsa ruled by Mercury. This pada relates to the often ignored intellectual side of Magha.Planets placed here make one succeed through group activity, even though it is Magha’s essential nature to go it alone.
4th Pada 10° 00′ -13° 20″ Leo, falls in Cancer Navamsa ruled by Moon, This is the pada which brings out Magha’s love of ritual, ceremonies, ancestor worship and family pride. Planets placed in this pada make one derive pride from one’s family, ancestors. Planets here are not very conductive to material prosperity and create heavals through some form of self undoing.

Professions : Administrators, Managers, Royalty and those in direct touch with Royalty,Those in high posts
in Government,CEO of companies,Legends, Bureaucrats, Aristocrats, Officials, Chairmen, Lawyers, Judges, Referees, Magistrates, Politicians, Historians,Orators, Dramatists & Performers,Professions relating to Museums of all types, Astrologers, Dealers in Antiques of all types,Archaeologists,Genetic Engineering Experts, research in Ancient Knowledge, monuments etc, Those Researching & Documenting Lineages.

Body Parts : Nose, Lips and Chin are the body parts related to this nakshatra

Direction : It is related primarily to east, south, northwest and southwest.

Example: Paramahamsa Yogananda, one of the famous spiritual teachers who popularized kundalini yoga in the west, has his Moon and Ascendant placed in Magha. His life and works as recollected in his book, “Autobiography of a Yogi”, reveal a lot. relating to the lineage oriented functioning of Magha.

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