Manglik Dosha Mars in 12th House


Jul, 2015

                                                                If your mars is in 1st,4th,7th,8th or 12th house then You are Manglik.This is not a big deal as approx 50% of our population has Manglik Dosha.What you need to understand is the nature of your mars and how strong or weak your mars is.If you are Manglik from Ascendant and Moon chart both then your Manglik effect will be increased from 50% to 75%.All you need to know how to divert your Marsian strength or energy that I wrote on ‘Remedy for Mars’ few days back.

Mars in 12th House : Planets in the 12th house are above the horizon, so they’re visible to the world.At the same time, they’re directly behind you, in your blind spot, so everyone can see them but you.It gets very hard to use 12th house planet directly in our life.So when Mars in 12th House a person gets lack of physicalenergy and mostly avoid much physical work or action.12th house is the house of bed comfort where physical relationship gets counted with ur partner. When Mars the planet of passion and action becomes weak for being in 12th house, that gives lacking in physical relation too.They live in a constant state restlessness but have challenges releasing this pent up energy.Mostly aggression, passion and physical energy level with partner gets messed up here when mars is in 12th house.It becomes hard to cope up with temperament of 12th house Mars people.

They repress their anger/aggression until it explode mostly on some object or own than on another suffers from self imposed suppression and repression of desires as well as deep seated self doubt. You have a deep fear of failure which prevents you from starting projects and activities. So often instead of starting the activity that you really crave you will settle for something that you think is achievable.

Mars in 12th house people exercise authority in an obscure manner. It also gives a tendency toward secret love affairs which the person is able to hide from the public eye. But when Mars is afflicted in 12th house,the indulgence of clandestine intercourse will bring trouble into the life. There is also liability to suffer from the attaches of secret enemies.12th house rules all kinds of losses and also the bed pleasure, sexual enjoyment.Mars here can give native sickly desires or illegal unions with other people. Again,Mars will aspect the 7th house with its 8th aspect.

If Mars is in own sign or sign of exaltation or aspected by jupiter then Person will be courageous,wealthy and youthful in outlook. For Cancer and Leo Ascendant Mars doesnt give bad effect for being yoga karak planet.According to me no factors can 100% nullify the effect of Manglik Dosha only can reduce the adverse effect upto 50%.Easiest and more Logical Way of nullifying of Manglik Dosha and its adverse effects is to get married to another who has similar position of Mars.

It has to be remembered that it is not only Mars that can create problem in married Life, but there are lot of other factors which can disturb marital happiness.
So its not fair to blame every time Manglik People for marital disturbance.
Wearing Mars-stone to avoid Mangalik influence is also a wrong practice running in our society, as wearing Mars-stone will increase the reception of the vibrations of Mars and consequently the qualities caused by Mars will also increase instead of decreasing.One can rather opt for Mars Remedy to get little relief from Manglik effect in life.


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