Mars In Vedic Astrology


Sep, 2015

                                                                          Mars is the ruler of Aries & Scorpio sing also the ruler of natural 1st and 8th house in a horoscope.Mars is termed as natural malefic planet in astrology and key significator of courage, agression, strength,heat, force, energy, speed.Its a Musculine, positive, electric, hot, dry, fiery, barren in nature.

Mars gets Exalted in Capricorn 28 Degree
Mars gets Debilitated in Cancer
Mars gets detriment in Libra
Mars Mooltrikon sign is Aries

Mars has three aspects from its own position – 4,7,8th.Conjunction or aspect of Mars creates affliction to other planets which may create disturbances, war lilke situation in human life, brings blood on the surface.An affliction by Mars can make a person foolhardy, quarrelsome, often suffer from fracture, high fever wounds, scars and sharp weapons.Hence it is called a natural malefic.For materialist aspect Mars shows boldness, assertiveness, dynamism,action,abandon of energy, passion,sportmanship, fighting spirit.

Mars is retrograde for slightly less than 2.2 months in every 2 years.A well placed Maars makes a person brave, courageous, dominative, warrior,passionate, eneretic, heroic, inborn quaities of perseverence and acheivement.As Mars is the ruler of natural 1st house Aries and 8th house Scorpio, it has all the connection in building up personality, confidence, valour, accident, surgery, suddent danger.So a good Mars can make a person full of passion, positive attitude with sponteneity in life.

Signification of Mars : Cleanser, inflammatory,acute,violent, direct, strife,stubborn,extreme,righteousness, resistance, fanaticism, administrative skill,determination,property, violence, discipline, motivation, initiation, impulses,sexual desire, ambition, willpower.

Sun, Moon, Jupiter are the friendly to Mars & Mercury, Rahu, Saturn are inimical to Mars while Venus is neutral.Mars is yogakarak for Cancer & Leo Ascendant.A weak Mars losses the capacity to fight back in life and surrenders to fate, making the person cold hearted and destructive.If Mars gets afflicted in watery signs (cancer,scop, pisces) or in 7th house, may create addiction for sex or can give disorder in matters of sex life.

Profession/Trading related to Mars – Surgeon, butcher,police, engineer, fire man, estate agent, cooks, Army, barber, boxer, wrestler, Gym instructor, engine driver, blackmailing.

Mars rules over : Bone marrow, Blood disorder, high fever, rash on body.

Mars has three nakshatras – Mrigashira, Chitra, Dhanishtha, among them Chitra is where mars shows its full on positive and constructive appraoch.Mars mahadasha had 7years, depending on the lordship in chart and its nakshatra lord,Mars mahadasha will give its result in life.Mostly Mars mahadasha gives dynamism, stubbornness, property, relationship, boost in characteristic, fearless attitude except for Gemini, Virgo Ascendant peopel.Red is the color of Mars. Red Coral is the gem stone for Mars and Copper is the matel alotted to Mars.
One of the most misleading term among common people is ‘Manglik Dosha’ which is due to Mars’s certain positioning in chart.Nothing to have cardiac arrest for being Manglik, just get married to another Manglik things will be 50% mitigated.

Friends to : Sun, Moon, Jupiter
Neutral to : Venus
Enemy to : Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mercury
One Sign Transit : 45 Days
12 Sign Transit : 1 & half year.
Nakshatra : Mrigashira, Chitra, Dhanishtha
Dasha Tanure : 7 years
Body Parts : Bone Marrow, Blood
Color : Red
Metal : Copper
Gem : Coral
Direction : South
Deity : Kartik

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