Neecha Bhanga Raaj Yog


Jan, 2016

Whenever a planet is in debilitation, that means the planet is having hardship, struggling time to bestow it’s full result in our life.  Debilitation and Exaltation is due to the placement of any planet in various signs, but then house placement also plays a significant role in grabbing strength and delivering fruitful result of any planet.  As all the debilitation and Exaltation signs are exactly opposite signs and house placement to each other, so sign and houses are having  relativity in Astrology to understand the core affect.
Before I go ahead , I need to clear up that Neecha Bhanga & Neecha Bhanga Raaj Yog are two different terms with different results in life.

Venus, Mars  Can Give Neechabhanga to Sun
Mercury, Jupiter can give Neecha bhanga to Venus
Saturn, Moon, Jupiter can give Neecha bhanga to Mars
Mars, Venus,  can give Neecha bhanga to Moon
Jupiter, Mercury, Venus can give Neecha bhanga to Mercury
Mars, Venus, Sun can give Neecha bhanga to Saturn.
Moon, Saturn, Mars can give Neecha bhanga to Jupiter.

From the above list we can understand Just for Neecha Bhanga (cancellation of debilitation) only the dispositor of debilitated planet, any planet who will get exalted with that debilitated planet in same sign and the lord of exaltation sign of that debilitated planet matters. Now for having Neecha Bhanga Raaj Yoga house placement of above planets on the table in a horoscope will matter a lot.

Conditions  for Neecha Bhanga Raaj Yoga :
1. Dispositor of Debilitated planet & exaltation sign lord should be in quadrant from Moon.
2. Dispositor of Debilitated planet or Exaltation sign lord should be in quadrant either from Moon or Ascendant.
3. Dispositor of Debilitated planet and lord of exaltation sign of that debilitated planet are Kendra from each other.
4. Debilitated planet in conjunction with exalted planet.

One more thing we need to keep in mind while assessing the result of Neecha bhanga Raaj Yog. First planet will give debilitated result then it will give cancellation of debilitation result and finally Raaj Yoga result. In other words, debilitated planet will trap you with trouble, failure, humiliation etc then your lesson and experience of past deed will make you hard work that’s by the grace of mitigating planet and finally that hard work will give you royal status or honor achievement in life. So don’t end up making statement that Neecha Bhanga Raaj Yoga doesn’t work in my chart. Cause Neecha Bhanga Raaj Yog will only give its result after some suffering, embarrassment, mistakes in life.
If debilitated planet gets exalted in Navamsha or Shashthiamsha (D9 & D60) then too Neecha Bhanga can be counted.

I took Albert Einstein horoscope as example as he has two debilitated planets but one is getting neechabhang but not raaj yoga and another getting Neecha bhanga Raaj yog. So the difference between these two terms can be understood clearly.

Ascendant lord Mercury is debilitated and we know how important the support of Ascendant lord to get ahead in life and reaping all the benefic results of good yogas in horoscope.  If it was not mentioned as Einstien’s Horoscope majority of people would say native would reach no where in life looking at the horoscope. So now its time to analyze what made him one of the biggest Scientist of this era with such Debilitated Ascendant Lord.

Here comes the Neecha Bhanga:
Total two planets are debiliateted in Einstien’s Horoscope – Mercury & Moon
Both Mercury & Moon is getting Neecha Bhanga
Mercury being the Ascendant and 4th lord debilitated in 10th house Pisces where another planet is getting exalted. So Debilitated Mercury is in conjunction with Exalted Venus.
Mercury and Venus is in conjunction in quadrant house 10th.
Moon is Debilitated in Scorpio and its dispositor Mars is exalted hence making Neecha bhanga.
Mars the one who is making Neecha Bhanga of moon is not posited in Kendra house from Moon or Ascendant, hence Mars is not making any Neecha Bhanga Raaj Yog.

Result Of Debilitated Mercury :
Mercury Signifies >>> Communication, speech, rationality, logic, quick mind, adaptability, social skill, intelligence, mathematics etc.
Albert Einstien was born under Mercury Mahadasha and He had severe problem in his childhood cause of his Debilitated Mercury.
He started talking very late, he was a very slow learner. He was so bad in communication that his parents consulted a doctor.
Albert Einstein had to leave his birth place and moved to Italy after all that debilitated Mercury is also the lord of birth place 4th house.
In fact he had to leave his school as he had a huge clash with the school authority.
Till the time he was in Mercury Mahadasha, he had all kinds of trouble regarding Mercurial subjects.

Effect of Neecha Bhanga Raaj Yog :
Ever since Einstien came to his Raaj Yoga causing planet Venus Mahadasha, He didn’t have to look back in life.
Though Venus is also making Malavya Mahapurush Yoga, still it bestowed him everything in the field of Mercurial subject; that is Mathematics, education, high intelligence etc.  That’s where Neecha Bhanga Raaj Yoga worked well.
As his Sun is with the biggest enemy Saturn so he always had trouble from Govt. He had to take shelter in USA when German Govt announced bounty on his head.
Once Venus MD started his Budhaditya Yoga worked well too as Mercury got the back up from Venus so that smart work he could deliver to the world.
Einstien The Scientist :
1. Saturn the 8th lord is in conjunction with Ascendant Lord sitting in 10th house of profession.
2. There is an exchange between 9th & 10th house making Maha parivartan Yoga where neither Jupiter nor Saturn are debilitated.
3. 11th house of gain and success lord Mars too is exalted in 8th house of research and knowing the unknown facts of world.
4. He has Saraswati Yoga too which gave another boost in academics and his findings in Physics.
5. Mars is also with Rahu sitting in 8th house that amplified that exalted Mars immensely. So he was into research that’s too in the field of Electro Dynamics.
6. His 6th lord in 8th that’s Mars which is exalted also making Vipreet Raaj Yog coupled with Neech Bhanga of Moon made him go through many troublesome time like leaving country, taking refugee status and jobless days but that’s what pushed him to be the Genius.

I am sure Albert Einstien was not a cry baby in his early days for that Neecha Bhang not giving him any result. It gave him worst days of his life but then Mercury is the one made him world famous with time. That’s how Neecha bhanga works after all.


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