Past Life & Retrograde Planets

Saturn Retrograde : You were too much into escaping responsibilities and duties. In this life with Saturn Rx you will be pushed to such situation where you will be bound to take urs and your family’s responsibilities since young age. Early age earning is a sign of Saturn Retrograde.

Mars Retrograde : perhaps you were forced to do something against your will in previous lives. So in this life with Mars Rx your planning will be too much but execution will be zero.

Venus Retrograde : May be you were away from your loved ones forecefully. So in this life with Venus Rx it will be hard for you to come out of relationship. You will be too much intro introspection of relationships.

Jupiter Retrograde : Past life perhaps was quite busy in getting short cut for all Jupiterian things. Giving more importance to intelligence than wisdom. Hence this life with Jupiter Rx Lack of guidance in life is the main trouble with Jupiter Rx. people.

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