Prediction On Narendra Modi Horoscope & Indian Border


Sep, 2016

                                                                          Truck load of predictions have been written on Mr. Narendra Modi’s life. Still here are my two cents on his upcoming days. This is my second time prediction on his horoscope. Those who missed out my first article on our Prime Minister, here is the link

Astro Analysis On Narendra Modi Horoscope

With Scorpio Lagna and Scorpio Rashi, Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of India during his Moon-Jup period backed up by many fancy Yogas like Pushkala, Parijat, Parvat, Kedar, Gajkesari and so on. Everyone is well aware of his royal victory and craze in mass people. Lets have a look at the future perspective now.
Right hand side horoscope is Varshaphal chart of Modiji for Sept 2016 to Sept 2017. As I Always say, only Transit cant trigger anything good or bad prominently in life, Dasha will have to support it. Same rule we need to apply in his chart as well.
In Varshaphal (Yearly) chart–

Mars is in gandant, 29Degree of Watery sign Scorpio afflicted by 3rd & 4th lord Saturn. Which says have to show lots of courage, no matter how hard he will try, things will go mostly negative for him. Mass people will slowly show the rage on him.
Mars, Saturn conjunction also gives bodily pain. So health will be a major issue, even he can go for some hospitalization in coming two years.
He will feel tired, gloomy and depressive thing will keep knocking at his door throughout the year.
8th lord Mercury is Retrograde where getting conjunct with Rahu. There can be sudden mishappneings in country or in his administration which he will not be able to handle as well predict.
His ongoing Moo-Sat-Rah period will surly create some unnatural pressure in his shoulder. Specially after his next birthday in 2017.
Mercury being 8th lord with Rahu getting aspect by Saturn too who is 3rd lord means 8th to 8th. So there can be some attack on him too, so his security management should be tighter.
7th lord Venus is getting debilitated which says his rapport with people will not be that sound which he used to have.
In Ketu Antardasha Mr. Prime Minister will have to go through lots of pain and anguish for sure which is definitely not in his calculation right now.

Modiji cannot get escaped from this coming situation for sure, so we can expect a mini war like Kargil in coming days or precisely within December 2016, it will start triggering but after 2017 Sept it will get the proper shape perhaps. More pain, anxiety, anguish is waiting for Narendra Modi in coming two years. More than that, I feel Pakistan is heading towards some disaster, which is their obvious culture of declaring military rule as per the horoscope or Pakistan.

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