Pushya Nakshatra – Pada 1 to 4

                                                                          Nurturing is the key word for Pushya Nakshatra, wherther its for any particular person or for the entire humanity. Kindness is what this nakshatra is all about. Pushya is a blissful and soothing nakshatra and the characteristics under Pushay are much sought after by others for their friendship and aid.

Jupiter gets exalted in Pushya giving the person a strong sense of ethics. They like to do the right thing and abide by accepted standards and laws. They are shining examples of hospitality, decency, courtesy, etiquette and are not likely to behave in any vulgar or extreme manner. However, in its negative aspect, Pushya can make one lethargic, needy, dependent and prone to addictions due to a lack of will power. If afflicted, Pushya natives tend to get victimized easily.It is interesting to note that Jupiter relays all of its good qualities much more through Pushya nakshatra in comparison to its own nakshatras.
Appearance wise Pushya people are having fleshy features, prominent chest/breasts, round faces and luminous lustre. Natives under its influence put on fat easily.They have a liking for good food, comfort and social enjoyment.Being the nakshatra ruled by Saturn it is very aware of the proper utilization of the time principle to achieve its productive,creative and nurturing objectives. Natives
here are highly productive and work patiently towards their goals. However, when occupied by afflicted planets, then it gives indecisive mind, most of their actions are half hearted. They seldom respect others but expect others to respect them. They fell for flattery and get easily irked by adverse criticism. It can promote laziness, and paralyzing idealism.

Body Parts : Mouth and Face. Pushya is connected with facial expressions.
Direction : From West to North.

1st Pada 3° 20′ – 6° 40′ Cancer falls in Leo Navamsa ruled by Sun.The luminaries, especially, give strong positive results in this pada. They make the native a father or mother figure or the native
receives help from such figures.
2nd Pada 6° 40′ -10° 00′ Cancer, fells in Virgo Navamsa ruled by Mercury.The hardworking, service aspect of Pushya finds expression here. Since this is a Pushkara Navamsa pada, all planets barring Venus, give good results here, at least on the material plane. This pada can be called the Cook of the Zodiac.
3rd Pada 10° 00′ -13° 20′ Cancer, falls in Libra Navamsa ruled by Venus. The focus here is on home, comforts, luxury and sociability. Superficiality and conformity is the downside of this pada. Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn do well here.
4th Pada 13° 20′ – 16° 40″ Cancer, falls in Scorpio Navamsa ruled by Mars. This pada relates to the esoteric side of Pushya, which seeks connections with the celestial beings in the other world. It is the pada of mantras and rituals.Only unafflicted Jupiter and Venus do well in this pada.

The planetary influences affecting this nakshatra are Moon and Saturn. Saturn is its main planetary ruler.The association of Saturn with Pushya reveals the hidden side of Saturn’s functioning – its ability for grounded nurturing and painstaking care. Saturn nurtures through conservation,perseverance and limitations. Moon represents emotions and Saturn represents stability and so the keyword here is “emotional stability”. Person born in this Pushya Nakshatra usually face the adversities arising out of poverty up to 15 years of their early life. However after the 33rd year of their life, things drastically change towards all-round positive development.
Saturn is a mass planner and so is Moon, a fact which makes Pushya the most mass-orientated of nakshatras. On a positive level, both Moon and Saturn promote the mindset and values which help foster an idealized civilized society.
Moon/Satum/Jupiter conjunction in a horoscope carry energies similar to Pushya. A well placed Moon, Jupiter, Sun, Venus and Saturn give excellent results when placed in Pushya. Mercury, Mars and the nodes do not give good results in this nakshatra.

Professions : All those connected with the Dairy Industry, Food and Drink Merchants of all types, Politicians, Rulers & Aristocrats, Caterers and Hoteliers, All those in the Restaurant Business, Teachers and Education Experts, Child Care professionals, Farmers & Gardeners,Those making a living out of Orthodoxy, Traditionalism.

Example : Late President Dr. A.P.J.Abul Kalam had his moon in Pushay Nakshatra which gave him down to earth attitude and the capability to nourish the entire nation.

According to Varahamihira, those with Moon in Pushya are “lucky, learned, wealthy, ethical and of a peaceful nature.” This description applies perfectly to our example.

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