Rahu-Mercury Conjunction In Astrology


Mar, 2016

                                                                          With the faster moving planet Mercury, Rahu gets conjunct once in every ten months for 25days. Not too many people are having this conjunction. Mercury being the neutral planet, can do quite positive with Rahu conjunction. If the position of Mercury is benefic for horoscope, then this Rahu Mercury conjunction can create many talents in life else we all know how Rahu can trick the intelligence.

Rahu : Deceptive, selfish,  risk taker, taboo breaker, cunning, rebellious, manipulative, reflective, ambitious, hungry, amplifier, extreme etc.

Mercury : Quick, witty, intelligence, rational, analyzer, speech, communication, sales, short travel, planning, logic, commerce, diplomats etc.

Mercury the natural 6th house lord Virgo, when with Rahu, can give skin trouble for life long if Mercury is further afflicted.
Rahu being the biggest manipulator, when in conjunction with Mercury, the natural 3rd lord Gemini, can make an excellent fiction writer, one can have good marketing skill with this rahu Mercury conjunction, as Mercury denotes communication and writing skills.
This Rahu Mercury conjunction is very good for those who are in writing, media, travel, sales, communication oriented profession.
Rahu & Mercury conjunction works better in Gemini, Virgo & Aquarius sign.
Mercury is good in numbering games, When comes with amplifying Rahu can give good skill in speculation or share market analyzing.
The best way to use this Rahu Mercury conjunction is to divert or the opinion or making huge impression on mass through your speech or communication skill.
Conjunction of Rahu Mercury people knows how to tell which thing in any odd or even situations. How to take advantage of any situation, no one knows better than them.
Most of the million dollar scammers of this world has this Mercury Rahu conjunction where Mercury is either functional malefic or afflicted due to other aspect in horoscope.
This Rahu Mercury conjunction people tell lies so easily with comfort that others will get tricked very easily.
This conjunction gives very quick learning in foreign language or culture.
Rahu Mercury conjunction gives innate flexibility in nature, which helps them to mix up with any group of people very easily and quickly.
They can be totally social charmer at any point of time. Their core skill is bargaining.

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