Rahu – Moon Conjunction In Vedic Astrology


Feb, 2016

                                                                          With the fastest moving planet Moon, Rahu gets conjunct twice a month and every time for 2 and half days. Obviously many people have this Rahu- Moon conjunction in their Kundali than any other conjunction of Rahu. When any horoscope has Rahu Moon conjunction, such people needs special treatment or care in life as Rahu makes them extreme in many perspective of life. As moon is the seat of our imagination, Rahu Moon conjunction has more psychological effect than material.

Rahu : Deceptive, selfish,  risk taker, taboo breaker, cunning, rebellious, manipulative, reflective, ambitious, hungry, amplifier, extreme etc.

Moon : Emotion, mind, imagination, mother, psychology, psychic ability, home, farming, family, care, milk, lactation, water, liquid, travel, patriotism, parenting etc.

As Rahu is illusive, when gets posited with the planet of mind and emotion Moon, it makes a person dreamy, impractical, always lost in own world.
Rahu being the foreign element in Astrology and Moon the fastest moving planet, when in conjunction with each other in horoscope, it gives lots of travel, if this conjunction takes place in 3rd,9th or 12th house then can give foreign travel too.
Rahu is selfish, and deceptive too, when with the mother of emotion Moon is with such Rahu, it makes a person harsh, at times they use their emotion to achieve what they want. And of course such people are mostly emotionally imbalanced, at times extreme emotional the other moment too shrewd.
Rahu & Moon conjunction in 3rd house of writing can make a person a fiction writer, provided rest of the chart also has the supportive factors for being a writer. Moon’s conjunction with Rahu gives an amazing imaginary mind which can surly help anyone to pen down fictitious stories.
Rahu plays very well with the planet of emotion Moon, which gives a tendency of being Drama Queen time to time. Which can seem overdo for others. But for Rahu Moon conjunction people its very natural outburst of their characteristics.
Moon the lord of natural 4th house of mother and family, when in conjunction with Rahu, it takes a person away from birth place, family. They go through sudden dramatic emotional changes in their life.
Chandra Rahu conjunction is an abandon of energy, which needs to get channelized properly. So from childhood parents should know how to divert their mind and channelize that strong power of this conjunction. Specially by encouraging them to have some positive inspirational figure in life.
Moon Rahu conjunction people are so good in having their own illusive stories and the hardest part is that, they keep believing what they are saying. Most common outcome from them is ghost stories, or having black magic on them. Best way is to ignore and show them the path of practicality.
Rahu is never satisfied by anything, so a person with Rahu Moon conjunction in horoscope will never be satisfied emotionally, his mind will always be hungry for something more. Rahu will give the boredom very easily. So the mind wants always something new and challenging.
Moon is the planet of adultery, when in conjunction with planet of amplification Rahu in a kundali, gives the tendency to go for illicit relationship, more than one relationship.
Rahu’s effect on Moon gives psychic capabilities at times, such people are very much emotionally controlling.
Some unknown fear, phobia, isolation, lunacy, paranoia or all distorted mental states are the by product of Rahu Moon conjunction in a horoscope, as Rahu has the power to strengthen, weaken or completely neutralize the lunar forces. If no benefic aspect on such conjunction then it can make wandering soul. That’s why many astrologer tagged this conjunction as “Negative Moon”.
Its very hard to find the positive effect of Rahu Moon conjunction as Rahu is inimical to Moon, until other factors in horoscope is not giving the ability to channelize this energy, negative traits are mostly seens. Though many famous people and evolved Yogis has Rahu Moon conjunction.
If Rahu Moon conjunction is taking place in 10th house it can give profession related to foreign land, communication, travel oriented occupation, pirates, navigator, politician, actors and so on.

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