Rahu – Sun Conjunction In Vedic Astrology


Feb, 2016

                                                                          Rahu Gets Conjunction with relatively faster moving planet Sun once a year, for entire one month. So not too many people around this world have this conjunction not even too rare. Rahu is the one who eclipses Sun. Hence this conjunction is not too positive for anyone in the horoscope. Rahu the mysterious and mischievous planet doesn’t play any game straight, so with Sun it will display illicit action with authority.

Rahu : Deceptive, selfish,  risk taker, taboo breaker, cunning, rebellious, manipulative, reflective, ambitious, hungry, amplifier etc.

Sun : Authority, power, status, ego, dignity, Govt, father, king, brilliance, Royal Status, political career, bureaucracy, Administration etc.

As Rahu amplifies the signification of planet it gets posited with, so Rahu Sun conjunction will give a confident, charismatic personality. But we need to remember Rahu never reflects the truth.  So the person will show the fake power and confidence, deep down inside he will be having fear which Rahu will cover up quite nicely.
Person having Rahu & Sun conjunction in horoscope will talk very high, their expression will be dramatic to cover up their fear and lack of confidence.
Rahu is selfish, when in conjunction with Sun, will give the tendency of being self-obsessed who will always give more importance to himself/herself and overestimate of self-personality  and imposing ego on others.
As Rahu is reflective, with Sun it starts acting like Sun, So where ever Rahu Sun conjunction will take place, it will work like double Sun sitting on that particular sign & house. So the result will be as per the rulership of Sun whether its malefic or benefic for the horoscope.
When Rahu will start working like double Sun in a horoscope, person will start showing fake bravery, extravaganza.
Rahu Sun conjunction in Libra will make a person merciless, lame. They need constant motivation to go ahead in life.
When Rahu Sun are together in a horoscope, person becomes hungry for power, doesn’t hesitate to misuse power, authority to reach ultimate goal.
Sun With Rahu gives too much fake ego, his personality will not be evolved. That can give always rebellious attitude towards others specially with Govt, authority in work place and of course father.
At times a person with Rahu Sun conjunction becomes too much unrealistic about their demand, and rebellious attitude.
As Sun the center stage planet gets posited with Rahu, person becomes hungry for centre stage role, he will be ready to take any risk to be praised for his deeds.

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