Rahu Transit To Leo For Aquarius

Leo is the 5th sign which represents the natural 5th house in Astrology. The lord of Leo is Sun. Rahu is the planet of amplification it amplifies the qualities of sign and house where it sits. Rahu will work on the basis of three main factors during this transit –
•• Amplifying the characteristics of natural 5th sign Leo,
•• Natural 5th house &
•• Implying the Signification of house of transit  as per each Ascendant.
Remember, Rahu is the ultimate manipulator, illusionist. Rahu will be entering into 5th house of Leo for Aquarius Ascendant people in his natural retrograde motion during End of January 2016.  2nd & 11th lord Jupiter will be posited too in 7th house Leo. So Rahu and Jupiter will be in exact degree of conjunction on 25th June 2016. Which is going to be a watch out date for all Aquarius People interms of financial & partnership issues.
Here Rahu will amplify natural 5th sign Leo so Aquarise Ascendant people will be having the urge to be in lime light and centre of attraction as the characteristics of sign Leo..
Aquarius people should be away from any sort of partnership dealing in professional field which may appear quite beneficial on the surface but that may create trouble later.
Misunderstanding with spouse is bound to be there during this time.
Ketu in first house will make the personality little scattered.
Those who are into business, can have more foreign delegates in your work as Rahu is the foreign element in the house of partnership.
Take care of the health of your spouse as Rahu and Ketu in 1-7 axis can create trouble with your spouse health will not be easily detected.
In 7th house of spouse and partnership, Rahu will not give much satisfaction from the partner, so one may end up being wandering eyes.
Rahu will be with Jupiter who is the lord of 2nd which denotes close family, Aquarius people will be most of the time away from their family perhaps cause of too much focus on earning money.
Rahu will be in 11th house Lord Jupiter so watch out your friends and don’t purely go by their words; you must filter the words of your friends.
There can be a tendency of easy money or short cut earning way in financial gain in Aquarius people, so that sort of urge they need to control else may end up in heavy loss after all Rahu is mostly  tricky.
The entire time Ketu will be in 1st house, Aquarius people will be so much busy socializing and meeting new people but deep down inside they will be feeling lonely and will be feeling suffocated being with many people for long. Soon will be searching for some lonely place where they can have their own time.

Aquarius people will feel like being alone, having own space time to time due to Ketu’s placement in Ascendant during this transit.