Rahu Transit To Leo For Aries


Feb, 2016

                                                                          Leo is the 5th sign which represents the natural 5th house in Astrology. The lord of Leo is Sun. Rahu is the planet of amplification it amplifies the qualities of sign and house where it sits. Rahu will work on the basis of three main factors during this transit –
•• Amplifying the characteristics of natural 5th sign Leo,
•• Natural 5th house &
•• Implying the Signification of house of transit  as per each Ascendant.
Remember, Rahu is the ultimate manipulator, illusionist. Rahu will be entering into 5th house of Leo for Aquarius Ascendant people in his natural retrograde motion during End of January 2016.  2nd & 11th lord Jupiter will be posited too in 5th house Leo. So Rahu and Jupiter will be in exact degree of conjunction on 25th June 2016. Which is going to be a watch out date for all Aquarius People interms of financial & health issues.
Rahu in 5th house of Leo transit is going to make Aries people quite positive in creativity on their own way. Even if someone is in iron business he may try to go for marketing of his business with different creative style.

As 5th is the house of natural talent or hobby, Rahu will emphasize is to the fullest and those who are already in creative entertainment line will get a good boost during this Rahu transit period.

Rahu with his never ending hunger may twist your brain for going into quick and easy profit while transiting through the 5th house of speculation. Aries people may feel like booking huge profit in share market or using speculation. Better not to be in such things.

Rahu in house of progeny may give difference of opinion with your children specially first child.

If your child is young and school going one then you will see lack of interest in studies, more into roaming here and there and killing time almost doing nothing rather than showing off.

This transit is definitely good for those who are into entertainment line, they can have sudden break in career which can take them real high.

Ketu in 11th house of Aquarius will make you separated from friend’s circle, friends can be deceptive, you will not feel like joining social gathering or perhaps work will keep you busy to participate.

As 5th house is 12th away from 6th house of disease, so 5th house also denotes good health, when Rahu will be in 5th house for Aries people with 12th house lord Juptier, then it can give many visits to doctor or hospital.

Health problem may occur when Rahu will be transiting to Sun’s nakshatra Uttar Phalguni, as Rahu eclipses Sun, that period will be troublesome for all Aries people, if Dasha is not too much supportive.

Rahu in 5th house will play the trick of going for new partner search. Many Ariens may get bored of old ones, going for new partner, but then finding one getting driven by Rahu force is not gona be durable either, keep that in mind.
Ketu in 11th house of older sibling is not going to give much favorable time to your older sibling or you may have some distant relation with them.

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