Rahu Transit To Leo For Leo Ascendant


Jan, 2016

                                                                          Leo is the 5th sign which represents the natural 5th house in Astrology. The lord of Leo is Sun. Rahu is the planet of amplification it amplifies the qualities of sign and house where it sits. Rahu will work on the basis of three main factors during this transit –
•• Amplifying the characteristics of natural 5th sign Leo,
•• Natural 5th house &
•• Implying the Signification of house of transit as per each Ascendant.
Remember, Rahu is the ultimate manipulator, illusionist. Rahu will be entering into 1st house of Leo for Leo Ascendant people in his natural retrograde motion during End of January 2016. 5th and 8th lord Jupiter will be posited too in 1st house Leo. So Rahu and Jupiter will be in exact degree of conjunction on 25th June 2016, which is going to be a watch out date for all Leo People.

Whenever Rahu-Ketu is in 1-7 axis in transit, it gives lots of tendency to show off, it can be showing off of your talent, your skill or just being centre of attraction.

Rahu in 1st house Leo will feel he can do a lot in minimum time or he will feel some push inside to do something very big which can catch the attention of many. That’s how Rahu will make the person ambitious for a while.

Leo people will be in focus for sure so one thing they should keep in mind, whether they are doing something good or bad that will make the head turn. In other words it’s a risky phase when you need to be calculative of your action.

Ketu in Aquarius transit period will be little tough for Leo people in terms of having good rapport with your friends and partner. Mostly there will be over burden of your work or career pressure cause of which Leo people will not be able to give much time or attention to their friends, spouse.

As Ketu will be in natural 11th sign Aquarius, which is actually 7th house for Leo people, they should know how to be little compassionate for others in society and doing some social work for humanity, keeping his high ambition aside. Else Rahu-Ketu transit in 1-7 axis can change the game to worse.

As Rahu is the one who eclipses Sun, so while transiting the fiery inimical sign Leo, first house for Leo Ascendant people, it will be the phase when too much of ego will act in their behavior, hence conflict with authority is bound to be there.

During this phase of Rahu transit to Leo 1st house, better not to opt for any partnership deal for Leo people. After Rahu will be in conjunction with 6th lord Jupiter and both will be aspecting together the 7th house of partnership.

All Leo people, take care of your spouse’s health as Ketu transit in 7th is not much favorable however Jupiter and Rahu aspect on 7th house can trigger it further.

Leo people will be so much focused or busy with their own life that mostly others will start getting them wrong. Others will find such behavior too selfish, hence misunderstanding is bound to be there.

While transiting to 1st house Leo, Rahu will be aspecting 5th house for Leo Ascendant people, which can give the tendency to falling in love with someone, which will not be much durable. This will just be fascination which may take you off the track, so be careful.

This transit of Rahu-Ketu to 1-7 axis will be helpful for those Leo people who are in certain professionals like Artists, actor, animator, media professionals, entertainer, journalist etc.

During this entire transit, Leo people will find themselves little aloof from the social gathering and they will feel like being alone, having their own time most of the time.

Be careful during travel, there can be chances of facing some accidental issue as 8th lord and 6th lord Jupiter will be aspected by both Rahu & ketu.

As 8th lord Jupiter will be in conjunction with Rahu the top most manipulator, can give lots of lucrative plan for investment and high return as 8th is the house of easy income and investment. So be careful before getting trapped.

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