Rahu Transit To Leo For Virgo Ascendant


Jan, 2016

                                                                          Leo is the 5th sign which represents the natural 5th house in Astrology. The lord of Leo is Sun. Rahu is the planet of amplification it amplifies the qualities of sign and house where it sits. Rahu will work on the basis of three main factors during this transit –
•• Amplifying the characteristics of natural 5th sign Leo,
•• Natural 5th house &
•• Implying the Signification of house of transit  as per each Ascendant.
Remember, Rahu is the ultimate manipulator, illusionist. Rahu will be entering into 12th house of Leo for Virgo Ascendant people in his natural retrograde motion during End of January 2016.  4th and 7th lord Jupiter will be posited too in 12th house Leo. So Rahu and Jupiter will be in exact degree of conjunction on 25th June 2016, which is going to be a watch out date for all Virgo People.

Rahu the most mischievous planet will be with 7thth lord Jupiter, that will surly give some conflict in partnership, or conflict with your spouse. As this conjunction is going to take place in 12th house of hospitalization so take care of your partner’s health.

As Rahu is the one who eclipses Sun, so while transiting the fiery inimical sign Leo for Virgo Ascendant people, alertness from friends must be there. One can experience inimical behavior from friends. Or friends can be highly manipulative to you so better filter all your friends during this time.

Ketu in 6th house of Aquarius will make Vrigo people little prone to physical injuries. This positioning of Ketu in 6th house of employment is not good for Virgo people specially those who are into salesman ship. If going through favorable mahadasha then it can be altered.

Rahu the foreign element in astrology will be in conjunction with 4th house of birth place lord Jupiter, which can give opportunity to have foreign travel provided Dasha is allowing that too.

Rahu Jupiter conjunction in 12th house of expenditure is going to make Virgo people entire period very much stressed about their finance. Jupiter the planet of expansion and Rahu the amplifier of that expense house will make it tough to control spending. So have to be very calculative about finance.

Those Virgo people going through Legal matters in court, should be more careful in court matters as your enemy can be more attacking than what you expected. Its better for Virgo people to avoid court matters and fighting as much as possible, as Rahu & Jupiter will be aspecting 6th house will not be much favorable for them.

Getting Loan will be very easy task for Virgo people during this Rahu transit, that’s too the expected amount. But its better not to opt for any loan as Saturn too will be aspecting 12th house, hence repaying on time can be a high issue later.

Rahu-Ketu transit of Leo-Aquarius axis will be helpful for those Virgo people who are into import export business, medical practice etc.

As Rahu will be crossing the 4th house lord Jupiter and 4th house denotes Mother, so it can give some emergency situation regarding your mother’s health which will be another cause of expense and running to hospital.

Rahu while transiting through 12th house of profit, benefit, gain, Virgo people may have some loss in business. After Rahu will cross the sun’s nakshatra, there will be some unnecessary loss in every aspects of life, if Dasha is not favoring you well.

Its not a good transit for all the Virgo pet lovers, Rahu-Ketu transit over 6th house will give trouble to your pets.

Father of Virgo people will not be doing in their career much well during this transit as Ketu will be transiting to 6th house which is profession house for father, 10th from 9th house.

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