Rahu In Astrology


Oct, 2015

                                                                          Rahu the shadowy planet which we cant see like we can see other planets. That’s the reason Rahu the planet of Mystery, is one of the malefic planet in Astrology. Rahu owns the sign Virgo. Rahu is the chief significator of plotting, hypocrisy, anxiety, excitement, duplicity in human nature. Rahu eclipses Sun. Rahu is also known as Dragon Head.

Rahu gets Exalted in Taurus
Rahu gets Debilitated in Scorpio
Rahu Mooltrikon sign is Taurus

In Vedic Astrology, Rahu has three aspects from its own position that is 5th, 7th and 9th. Affliction of Rahu amplifies the nature of the planet. Rahu has never ending hunger for anything and everything. Affliction of any planet by Rahu will amply the materialistic/ negative effect of that planet and as we know too much of anything is bad. Rahu’s position in any house of the chart can create illusion or uncertainty related to that house signification in life. Rahu has the tendency for over indulgence.

Rahu is always having retrograde motion, never direct. Rahu never even gets stationary. A well posited Rahu can give popularity, fame, Centre of attention, manipulative skill, success and craze in public. It’s hard to have success in media, entertainment or in mass population. Trouble with the Rahu’s materialistic delivery is that no matter how much name fame it gives, the person hardly has any satisfaction or contended mind.

Signification of Rahu : Aviator,  Ant hill, enigma, magic, lust, poison, paternal grandfather, widowhood, political plot, gambling,  outcaste, abusing, atheist, foreign element, corruption.

Rahu works on :  skin disease, schizophrenia, delusions.

Profession/Trading related to Rahu  –  Spies, Archer, Actor, cinematographer, any work related to film, media, Gambling, thief, criminal, gangster, computer related work, manufacturing fertilizers, pesticides, drug dealer.

Rahu rules over three Nakshatra Ardra, Swati, Satabhisha, in that Swati works as highly active constructive one which is full of freshness. Rahu Mahadasha comes for 18 years depending on the lordship in chart and its Nakshatra lord Rahu mahadasha bestows its result. Mostly it gives illusion, indecisiveness, clueless path, separation from family, Long journey, unethical activity, selfishness, deception, depression, too much show off, aggression, secret behavior. Grey is the color of Rahu. In metal lead  and Hassonite is the gem allotted to Rahu.

The infamous term ‘Kaal Sharp Dosh’ in Astrology belongs to particular Rahu-Ketu position in horoscope.

Friend to : Saturn, Venus & Mercury
Neutral to : Jupiter
Enemy to : Sun, Moon & Mars
One Sign Transit : 18 months
12 Sign Transit : 18 years approx
Nakshatra : Ardra, Swati, Satabhisha.
Dasha Tanure : 18 years
Body Parts : Skin
Color : Grey
Metal : Lead
Gem : Gomed (Hassonite)
Direction : South-west
Deity : Durga

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