Reduce Weight By Balancing These Planets


Sep, 2017

                                                                          If you are meeting your old friend after years, the first thing perhaps he will tell you, “hey you put on so much weight” or “you have reduced a lot man, you are looking cool.” In other words its nothing but putting more focus on Lagna. As Lagna talks about our body constitution, outlook etc.

Obesity is nothing but high fat content in body which is the mother of many diseases. Obesity can bring depression in life too which can again lead you to over eating.

Planets For Obesity : 
ᴥᴥJupiter : Obviously Jupiter comes first in mind when it comes to overweight. Jupiter is the planet of expansion; it signifies Fats in our body. Its
ᴥᴥVenus: It is the planet of comfort and luxury. If Venus is too strong in horoscope or most of your planets are in Venus nakshatra, it may make you foodie, over indulgent in drinking.

Nakshatra For Obesity :
ᴥᴥUttar Bhadrapad Nakshatra : Specially if this nakshatra is in Lagna or Moon it can give large body with broad shoulder, short in height . They put on weight very easily though it is Saturn nakshatra.
ᴥᴥPushya : Not all the Pushya people are bulky, but they have medium stature and with age put on weight quite quickly if not taken care of.

Planets for Weightloss:
ᴥᴥSaturn : This is the planet for shrinking which is exact opposite to Jupiter. Mostly Saturnine people are skinny. Thats why maximum Aquarius people are tall and slim. So association of Saturn with most of the planets or Saturn in 5/6th house can give slim Waist.
ᴥᴥMars : Though this planet has nothing to do with fats or over eating, but burning fats depends on it. Doing vigorous exercise, creating body heat by regular exercise is all the effect of Mars. So definitely slimming down or burning fats depends on powerful Mars.

Astro tips for Weight Loss :
For slimming you need to activate malefic Saturn who can shrink your body. But inducing Saturn power is surely a risky task. Stop your meal when you will two third 2/3 of your stomach is full. It will keep you hungry for while time after all Huger belongs to Saturn.
Another Malefic planet is Mars which we should not give much power, so to create positive Martian energy in life fix a time in your everyday schedule for
In other words Reducing weight is nothing but bringing balance between Saturn & Mars energy in life.
Never have cold meal, have warm meal and warm water too that will create the warmth of Mars in your body.
Avoid wearing gold if you are obese, even though Jupiter is benefic in horoscope.
Do not wear Yellow sapphire, that can even give you Thyroid problem if Jupiter is already giving you trouble.
If Jupiter is in 8th house that can give tendency for over eating and it will be hard to sustain hunger. But Jupiter is the planet of optimism and hope so you just cant stop Jupiterian energy in your life. So the best part is to show gratitude in life. Be grateful to God for whatever He gave you or for your looks, that’s when slowly Jupiter may stop inducing its expansive energy in you.
Mercury is the only Slim fit planet, who is well aware of nutrition. So intake more green substance everyday that can make your Mercury wiser, keep you evergreen with your zeal high.
Tune your life with the Mercurian slogan ‘Go Green.’
Never make any sin related to food, like taking away food from anyone, distributing or selling food with adulteration. You may have obesity in next life; or who knows in this life doctor may prescribe you not to have your favorite food anymore.

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