Simple Remedy For Jupiter

                                                               Jupiter denotes Knowledge,Guru,Higher Education, Honesty, Religious Activity.So when Jupiter is afflicted or debilitated or weak it effects our approach for positive expansion in life and one can end up dealing with never ending pessimism.If with rahu then it makes the character of the person Questionable,there will be surly lack of ethics in life.In remedial measure if Jupiter is getting afflicted in airy sign then reciting Mantras,if in watery sign then charity and if Fiery sign then Doing Havans and Pooja but all these are not possible for majority of people in this busy life style.Below are the list of few general remedy which will help one to come out of snappy behavior of Moon if following these for 6months.

Never insult or humiliate Teacher or Guru.

Jupiter is full of Hopes & positivity, so talking all time negative or having always negative approach upsets Him. Be positive as much as you can.

Do not make fun of Religious Gurus or spiritual masters.

Never talk bad about vegetarians, Professors.

Jupiter is for growth & expansion when weak in chart it will not give much scope to expand knowledge or work, keep donating sweet or Jaggery to people in religious place.

Avoid using much of yellow color.

Stop wearing Gold.

Burning camphor at home every day will give some relief for sure.

Keep doing charity for Religious places or groups.

The last but the best one, If going through Jupiter Mahadasha or Antardasha then make sure you are going for pilgrimage.

Jupiter and Mecury: Do not insult Teachers, Spiritual gurus, vegetarians, Children, Teenagers, Jewelers, salesmen, treasurers, accountants, cashiers, auditors, tax officials and other guardians of money.

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