Simple Remedy For Mars/Manglik

How to Understand Mars is giving you Trouble?

Delay in getting married.

Problems in marital life & divorce.

Clashes and quarrels in marital life.

Incompatibility in marriage and thoughts.

Incompatibility in Passion Level, hence Physical dissatisfaction.

Obviously also delay in child birth.

Lack of Physical Endurance

Being accident prone

Often Getting Fatigue

Some Natural Remedies For Weak Mars

Give Service to Brother.

Take shower twice a Day.

Have plenty of water with some sugar or sweets.

Exercise Patience.

Dont take cold food

No gossiping at all.

Keep doing regular physical exercise for a scheduled time everyday.

Never have tandoor or fireplace at home.

Pay Homage or respect to solders.

Avoid Wearing Red.

Avoid getting married before the age of 28

If manglik, try to get married to another manglik.

Keep following these above points regularly for 6months u will feel that Martian positivity back on you.


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