Simple Remedy For Mercury

                                                                Mercury is the key planet of intelligence, being witty, calculative, rational,practical, street smart,how to use skills or tricks in odd situation of life.So when Mercury the natural 3rd and 6th house lord is afflicted or debilitated or weak it can give trouble in speech, communication. Person can be weak in mathematics or numbering game, lack of management skill, trouble with loan,irrational illogical thoughts, nervous break down.If you need to bein a steady job, performing well then you need good mercury.In remedial measure if Mercury is getting aflicted in airy sign then reciting Mantras,if in watery sign then charity and if Fiery sign then Doing Havans and Pooja but all these are not possible for majority of people in this busy life style.Below are the list of few general remedy which will help one to come out of negativity of Mercury if following these for 6months.

Always give enthusiasm to Youth and young generation.

Keep helping students in their home work or understanding their study materials.

Dont be too harsh to teenagers.

Do not cheat Banker, cashier,tax officials, or who ever the guardians of money.

Mercury is the planet of communication so dont have loose talk or dont push your illogical theories on others.

Avoid using much of green color if Mercury is the lord of your 8/12th house.

Donating study materials like Pen, paper, computer etc to students can make your Mercury smile.

Exercise some writings, you dont have to be an award winning writer for that, just keep writing what ever comes in your mind or maintain daily dairy writing.

Keep doing charity for Educational instutions.

The last but the best one, If going through Mercury Mahadasha or Antardasha then make sure you are reading some books every day for an hour.In short be a cast reader.


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