Simple Remedy For Moon

                                                               Moon works in our psychological, emotional needs and approach,so when moon is afflicted or debilitated or weak it effects us in our thought process, hence flickering mind, lack of mental peace and lack of concentration, at times even dreaminess if with rahu etc.In remedial measure if moon is getting afflicted in airy sign then reciting Mantras,if in watery sign then charity and if Fiery sign then Doing Havans and Pooja but all these are not possible for majority of people in this busy life style.Below are the list of few general remedy which will help one to come out of snappy behavior of Moon if following these for 6months.

Dont Argue with Mom.

Dont make your mom upset, make her smile with small token of love like her fav flowers or books time to time

Do not insult women, mental retards and traumatized people.

Do not reject water to the thirsty.

Dont have milk or milk product at night if your moon is in 6th or 8th house getting weak

Every time use silver glass for drinking water if possible.

Stop wearing Silver.

Make sure you are having always pure water.

Never argue with ur family and never be jealous of other’s family

The last but the best one, Keep pouring Milk and Water on Shiv Ling everyday at least weekly.


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