Simple Remedy For Rahu

                                                                 Rahu is a natural malefic planet,so most of the time it makes life struggling or restless.It doesn’t harm directly but the way Rahu makes a person impractical,greedy and dreamy thats more harming than losing any thing.But never to forget you need the help of Rahu to have success in life.So no matter how badly it screws our life, we need to modify Rahu’s vibration to some positivity to attain required success.For remedial measure,not everyone is good for reciting Mantras or doing Hawan.I believe rather than wearing costly Gem stones we can have some natural Remedy which can be maintained on a day to day life to avoid Negative influence of Rahu or any Planets.Follow These 7 points written below regularly,(at least 6months) and get back to me with your feedback.

Do not abuse animals, specially beating up street dogs or any kind of animals.

Do not torture your body, like making Tattoo on body, too many piercing here and there etc.

Avoid excessive fasting, that will give kind of austerity which can activate your ketu so ultimately your rahu will get alive sooner or later.

Rahu represents smoke so complete No-No to smoking.

Dont have hatred for ugly looking or deformed people, That will activate the negativity of your Rahu in no time.

Dont get married early wait till you are 28 at least.

If you feel your Rahu is really troubling then don’t accept any electronic item gifts from anyone.

Avoid Black and Gray color.


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