Simple Remedy For Saturn

                                                                 Everyone wants to know about remedy and when it comes to Remedy I guess Saturn and Rahu takes all the priority.Not everyone is good for reciting Mantras or doing Hawan.I believe rather than wearing costly Gem stones we can have some natural Remedy which can be maintained on a day to day life to avoid Negative influence of Saturn or any Planets.Follow These 5points written below regularly,(at least 6months) and get back to me with your feedback.

Take shower everyday, wear cleaned washed cloths.Use Perfume if u can. where we can Find saturn? in dirts, drainage, unhygienic atmosphere.So basic rule is to keep yourself clean to be away from saturn’s effect.

Keep your house clean at least your own room.

Dont keep any work pending for long if u feel your new project or new plans are not working well then immediately think of your pending work,finish it up and u will see things are moving ahead in life.

Dont be rude on old ppl, needy ppl.Dont insult baggers or homeless people. Be sympathetic to them.

Stop wearing Black or Dark Blue on Saturdays if u feel saturn is too troubling in your chart and last but not the least never talk bad about Saturn.


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