Simple Remedy For Venus


Jul, 2015

                                                               Venus the planet of Love & Romance, the chief significator of spouse and ya it represents riches.Without having Venesian qualities its hard to be an artist, hard to be in creative side of profession.When this natural benefic planet Venus Becomes malefic, afflicted,debilitated in chart then marital happiness,smooth relationship and being millionaire becomes Day dreaming.

Venus gives more trouble with spouse if afflicted with rahu/ketu, mars.In remedial measure if Venus is getting afflicted in airy sign then reciting Mantras,if in watery sign then charity and if Fiery sign then Doing Havans and Pooja.But all these are not possible for majority of people in this busy life style.Below are the list of few general remedies which will help one to give boost to Venus and have blessings from Venus if following these for 6 months.

Do not Insult Butcher class.

Never take advantage of nudist and prostitutes, dont use bad words about them.

Do not insult women, always give respect to your Wife.

Never criticize Actors,artists, models,non vegetarians, they are the core Venesian people.

Dont wear White cloths or Diamond If Venus is getting afflicted in 6th or 8th house.

Gift scented Flowers/bouquet to your wife, if not married then female of your house. Fragrance,flowers and woman all are represented by Venus.

Yelling at woman can never give positivity to your Venus.

Take shower and use perfume regularly.

Having hatred for Rich & Successful people is surly gona make your Venus more upset.

The last but the best one, Keep your partner/spouse happy as much as possible and making her smile will bring harmony and happiness in life, that will make your Venus smile too.

Those who are working for NGO related to women well fare or Even those who are working whole heartedly for ‘Beti Bachao’ campaign will be Blessed By Venus for sure.


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