Rohini Nakshatra – Pada 1 to 4

                                                                   Rohini is the most materialistic amongst the nakshatras.In the present day and age, Rohini relates to all kinds of commence and financial dealings.

Rohini people usually have large, clear and expressive eyes, refined feminine features, thick lower lip.They are as unresponsive to external stimuli as a cow.Despite their calm exteriors, they can be very expressive with their voice and gestures. They can act well, whenever necessary.

They are smooth talkers and have gentle, seductive mannerism.Rohini is one of the most enjoyment oriented nakshatras. It believes in making the most of the good things in life. On the positive side, it knows how to stay within the assigned life path, without unnecessary strain.

It is a Female nakshatra. Its association with the two feminine planets Moon and Venus make Rohini a primarily feminine energy.Moon-Venus conjunction carries energy similar to Rohini. Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn express themselves strongly when placed in Rohini. Rohini is methodical and balanced in its actions.

Rohani Nakshatra people seek attention and more often than not are able to get it. They are extremely popular within their social circle because of their charisma. They often use their charm and social ease for manipulating situations to suit their own ends.It is very easy for them to gain the trust of others,and in the present day and age, this is often used to derive some sort of material benefit.

Most people with a prominent Rohini Nakshatra are usually very careful about their health and live up to a ripe old age. In younger souls Rohini can cause a fear of death and dislike for the ageing process. The mantra of Rohini is to – create, create and create. Natives with Rohini connected to the 5th house in some form like to have lots of progeny.It is an Upward relates to all things which grow upwards like crops and buildings.

Profession :Farming, Agriculturists of all types, All professions relating with growing, processing and handling food, Botanists, Herbalists,Entertainment and Leisure Industries, Jewellers, Gemstone Dealers, Interior Decorators,Bankers and Financiers; Transportation Business, Tourism Industry,Food Production, Packaging & Distribution industry, All professions connected with Aquatic products and Liquids of all types.

1st Pada: falls in Aries Navamsa and is ruled by Mars.Planets here want quick-fire material results. Only a well placed Sun and Mars do well here.

2nd Pada: fails in Taurus Navamsa ruled by Venus. This pada best exemplifies all what Rohini stands for. Planets here usually give abundance. Being a Vargottama pada it gives very strong results.This is the strongest pada in the zodiac when it comes to actualization and fulfillment of desires. Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are especially strong here.

3rd Pada: falls in Gemini Navamsa ruled by Mercury. The focus of this pada is on arts, sciences and business. It is the most flexible and shrewd amongst Rohini’s padas.Mercury, Venus and Saturn give strong results in this pada.

4th pada falls in Cancer Navamsa ruled by Moon.Money comes in through short travels. Planets placed here have a maternal quality to them but can get excessively possessive and narrow minded. Only.Only a well placed Moon or Jupiter function well here.

Forehead/Ankles,Calves of the Legs are the body parts related to this nakshatra.
Queen Victoria, the lady who was the crowning monarch of 75% of this Earth, was also born with both her Ascendant and Moon in Rohini. In her case the expansive and acquisitive material aspect of Rohini is was too strongly active.


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