Sakata Yoga In Astrology


Jan, 2016

Yoga Formation : When Moon & Jupiter are 6,8 or 12th position from each other in horoscope, then Sakata Yoga gets formed.  Yoga doesn’t  mean always the most auspicious one which can give kingly outcome in life. Sakata Yoga is not a very auspicious one.  As yoga causing planet Moon is the fastest moving one, so at least one-fifth of humanity might be suffering from the dreaded Sakata Yoga. But how will be the result of this yoga for different individuals, we need to assess the yoga causing planets.

Strength of Jupiter in Raaashi & navamsha
Strength of Moon
Strength of dispositior of Jupiter.
If Jupiter is posited Kendra from Ascendant then the negative effect will be nullified.

Jupiter in Sagittarius, Moon in Cancer. This can still make Sakata Yoga. Key is House position, not Sign.
Jupiter is the lord of natural 9th house of Faith & Dharma when it is weak or not in harmony with our emotions (Moon) that creates useless desire in mind and lack of content in life.

As sings, planets, significations are always fixed only manifestation changes due to positioning as per house and associations of planets. Same way the results of Sakata yogas dont change as it talks about the basic characteristics of a person and basic personality of a person never change.
Dont mix up Shakata Yoga with this Yoga which is under Nabhas yogas.

Result Of Sakata Yoga :
Person with Sakata yoga faces rise and fall in life simultaneously like a wheel. Success comes late and at certain point of time they are definitely gona lose all they achieved.
They always need push in life to move forward and grab the goal as distraction comes very easily in their life.
Jupiter & Moon in Kendra forms Gajkesari Yoga, so Sakata Yoga will deliver the opposite of Gajkesari Yoga result in life.
Person with Sakata Yoga is always stressed, fatigued and in constant trouble of sorts.
Mostly person with Shakata Yoga run behind their desire rather than intellect and wisdom.
They generally have strong attraction to opposite sex.
Usually they feel empty inside.
Best part of Sakata Yoga is that after losing all one is surly gona get back on track.
Sakata Yoga will always make you feel insecure so you will never take things granted even if everything goes well enough as you know the curve will come down too.
Sakata Yoga in Horoscope will give the tendency to take stress for something or other, either finance or family life; unnecessary in 99% time.

To fully understand the Result of Sakata Yoga we need to know Adhi Yoga, which says if any benefic is placed in 6/7/8th from Moon then the person will overcome his trouble in life, will be successful etc.
Now Jupiter being the greatest banefic if sitting in 6th or 8th from Moon forming Adhi Yoga too. A person will be having Adhi Yoga & Sakata Yoga both. Hence the rise and fall goes hand in hand for such people. So it seems only Jupiter sitting in 12th from Moon has no shield from this Sakata Yoga effect.

This is not the chart of any celebrity, so this will give much idea how Sakata yoga works with people surrounded by us.
Moon is debilitated in 11th house of Scorpio
Jupiter being 12th and 3rd lord in 6th house Gemini more over Rx.
Hence Moon and Jupiter is making 6-8 relationship from each other.
This is also Adhi Yoga as natural benefic Jupiter is posited 8th away from Moon.

The person was Born in Jupiter Mahadasha as Moon is in Vishakha,  till his 1 and half  year of age Jupiter MD was going on so as a child the native didn’t feel much effect of it.
As I said for Nabhas Yogas you don’t have to see for yoga activation and all as such Yoga works on basic traits of a person through out life.
••Moon being the planet for our emotions and psychological approach is debilitated in that chart so the person is never out of fear or insecurity. For something or other he is born to have fear in mind.
••Here the 3rd lord Jupiter is quite strong for being Rx, 3rd house is for desire (lust) so the native goes behind his materialistic drives keeping intellect aside. In fact he gives minimum value to knowledge and wisdom, all glittery things keep dragging him.
••Mostly when Jupiter becomes malefic it gives high tendency of indulgence and in this chart Jupiter also formed Sakata Yoga thats the reason native went through uncounted girls in life.
•• As Moon & Jupiter both are gaining good strength in D9 so the person gets what ever he opts in life  very easily but then sustaining with the success is getting impossible cause of Sakata Yoga effect.
••Jupiter is Functional malefic here being so strong in this chart gave too much financial crisis time to time.  Jupiter is here 12th lord of expenditure so there is no way any balance between his earning and spending which lands him to even count for cents at times.
••If something is missing in the life of this native then it is stability.  All credit goes to that Jupiter in 6th house making Sakata Yoga.
••This native feels no one understands him  and when last time he was having Jupiter Prattyantar Dasha, he left home.
••The best part is that, he knows he will bounce back every time, so the upward curve works as per Adhi Yoga and the downward Arrow works as per the effect of Sataka Yoga in life. Hence the wheel of rise and fall is nonstop in life.
••As Moon is afflicted hence this Sakata Yoga in this horoscope made the person least interested in Dharma & Faith.
••If we have a look at the D9(navamsha) then both yoga causing planet Moon & Jupiter making Nav Pancham yoga, both are in own sign. This is nothing but easy materialistic small gains in life after which again that fall knocks the door.
••Biggest trouble of this horoscope Sakata yoga is that, here Jupiter is functional malefic who is strong due to retrogression so the person is never self-contended and nothing makes him s contended.  Lack of faith in life.

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