Saraswati Yoga & Horoscope Of Ravi Shankar


Feb, 2016

                                                                          As the name suggests the connection of Godess Sarwasati with this yoga says it all about its influence and result in life. This yoga makes a person educated, knowledgeable, good in literature, fine arts, gives high endurance for knowledge. Person will be well known for his knowledge and skills, respected by many for such high level of knowledge around the world

Formation of Yoga : All three natural benefic planets will have to be in Kendra or trine or second house. That is, Jupiter, Venus & Mercury should be posited in either Kendra (1,4,7,10) or trine houses (5,9) or 2nd house. Neither of them should be debilitated, detriment or in inimical sign.

Assessing Yoga Strength :
Main yoga causing planets are Jupiter & Mercury; One is for wisdom another is for intelligence.
Position of Jupiter in Raashi and Navamsha chart
Strength of Jupiter in Shaad Baal.
Lordship of Jupiter in horoscope – whether benefic or malefic.
Check whether Saraswati yoga is getting formed in other major divisional charts like D9 or D10.

Many world famous people are having this Saraswati Yoga, from Albert Einstein to Amitabh Bachchan, Ravi Shankar, Nobel Loretta Rabindranath Tagore all has this famous Saraswati Yoga. Even I am sure many who are reading this article would be having Saraswati Yoga. But aftermaths of yoga is different in everyone’s life cause of the strength of this yoga and formation of yoga in different houses.

This example horoscope is of Bharat Ratna Sitar Maestro Ravi Shankar. We all know his name, fame and success worldwide but how much Saraswati Yoga contributed to his success let’s have a look.

Gemini Ascendant, lagna lord Mercury is posited in trine house 9th in friendly sign Aquarius.
Jupiter the 7th and 10th lord exalted in 2nd house of finance and speech.
5th and 12th lord Venus is exalted in 10th house of profession, status, honor.
In D9 too Jupiter is in friendly sign.
Jupiter is untouched by any planets in D1 & D9.
If we see from Moon chart, Jupiter is exalted in 9th house, Mercury in 4th house and Venus exalted in 5th house; hence again forming Saraswati Yoga in kundali.
Most benefic planet Venus for Gemini Ascendant is exalted in 10th house whose dispositor is also exalted in house of speech. Hence the main emphasization of yoga formation is on 10th house of profession.
One of the reason I took Pt. Ravi Shankar horoscope as example cause, in his Dashamansha (D10) chart too Saraswati Yoga is getting formed. what a classical Saraswati Yoga he has !
Such a strong presence of Saraswati yoga Gave him highest honor of India, and many more honorary Doctorate Degrees. He was one of the most renowned and successful Indian musician internationally. However, Dasha cycle supported this yoga too. Only good planetary positioning cant give 100% output in life, it all will have to come in right time with the positioning.

Pandit Ravi Shankar was born in Saturn Mahadasha, and his higher education period was covered by 17years of one of the Saraswati Yoga causing planet Mercury which is also his Ascendant lord. Then after a short gap of Ketu Mahadasha the most benefic planet Mahadasha Venus who is exalted in profession house 10th, took him to some sky high success internationally for next 20years.
That’s why Pt. Ravi Shankar chart is the classical example of Saraswati Yoga with its full benefic result on right time of his life.

One of my clients has this yoga where Jupiter is very weak so obviously he is not that good in studies, neither so keen on grabbing knowledge, still right now in USA doing his post graduation from some reputed University just for the sake of having degrees.

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