Saturn In Astrology


Oct, 2015

                                                                          Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn & Aquarius signs also the ruler of natural 10th and 11th house in a horoscope. Saturn is the greatest malefic planet in Astrology and key significator of karma, hard work discipline, time, longevity, age, patience, sorrow, poverty. It is cold, dry, barren, muscline, balancing, lazy, slow moving, steady in nature. Saturn the natural 10th house lord is the real Task Master in our life.


Saturn gets Exalted in Libra 20 Degree

Saturn gets Debilitated in Aries

Saturn  gets detriment in Leo

Saturn Mooltrikon sign is Aquarius


Saturn has three aspects from its own position – 3,7, 10th. Being the most malefic planet, conjunction or aspects of Saturn are considered negative in astrology, which afflicts the planet, gives limitations, slow result, pessimistic qualities to other planets which may create more delay, hurdles, misery, pain  suppression, shrinking in qualities of planets & psychological views of human life. Even at times Saturn sitting in His own sign narrows down the qualities of that particular house in chart. For materialist aspect Saturn gives reaching out mass people, popularity in mass people, calculative thought process, and stability in success. Saturn doesn’t make things easy for anyone.


Saturn is retrograde for almost 5 months every year. A well placed Saturn makes a person practical, determined, wise,  busy, lover of justice, law abiding, compassionate for unprivileged people, self made. As Saturn is the ruler of natural 10th house Capricon and 11th house Aquarius, so Saturn controls profession, status and financial position, gain social and professional success in our life. A Saturnine person always have some unknown fear in their mind. Remember Saturn is a planet of contraction. Saturn is  Yoga karak for Libra & Taurus Ascendant people.


Signification of Saturn : Karma, hardship, property, mass people, enemy, obstacles, miser, insomnia, responsibility, old age, experience, restriction, limitation, suppression, depression, rules & regulation, obstruction, sorrow, death, servant, outcaste, garbage, lethargy, lame

Venus, Mercury & Rahu are the friendly to Saturn & Jupiter is  neutral to Saturn while Sun, Moon & Mars are  inimical. A weak Saturn may give lack of stability in life, losses the capacity to stand for justice, lack of humor in life, unsocial, unethical activity, selfish, lazy, parasite life, irritating, gloomy, atheist, shrewd, troubling with authority. Saturn gets directional strength in 7th house.


Profession/Trading related to Saturn – Manual labour, cobbler,  grave digger, coffin maker, dealing in oil and coal, black smith, anti social activity, scrap dealer, lawyer, politics, social worker, freedom fighter, mines, mineral, agricultural department, working with heavy machinery, property agent etc.


Saturn rules over : Legs, bone joints.

Saturn has three nakshatras – Pushya, Anuradha & Uttar Bhadrapad, among them Pushya is where Saturn shows its full on positive and constructive appraoch. Saturn mahadasha has 19years, depending on the lordship in chart and its akshatra lord, Saturn mahadasha will give its result in life.Mostly Saturn mahadasha gives lethargy, loss of wealth, narrow mindedness, unknown fear, insecurity, delay, suffering, frustration in life,  except for Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius  Ascendant people. Black is the color of Saturn. Blue Sapphire is the gem stone for Saturn and Iron is the metal allotted to Saturn.


One of the most popular yet frightened term ‘Sade Saati’ is due to Saturn’s transit over Moon in our Horoscope, which is the period when Saturn will make us go through all the hardship of life and shed unnecessary baggage of life too.



Friends to : Venus, Mercury, Rahu

Neutral to :  Jupiter

Enemy to : Sun, Mars, Moon

One Sign Transit : 2 & 1/2 years

12 Sign Transit : 30 years

Nakshatra : Pushya, Anuradha, U. Bhadrapad.

Dasha Tanure : 19 years

Body Parts : Legs

Color : Black/Dark Blue

Metal : Iron

Gem : Blue Saphire

Direction : West

Deity : Rudra

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