Saturn Ketu Conjunction In Astrology


Jan, 2016

                                                                          One of the rarest conjunction in astrology is Saturn & Ketu sitting together in same sign as both the planets are slow moving so This rarest conjunction happens once in 18years and half period of time.Ketu being seperative planet when in conjunction with the most dutyful planet Saturn, creates mostly a confusing character who keeps oscillating between Material and Spiritual life in the beginning. But when Saturn is Yoga karak or Ascendant lord sitting with Ketu in trine or quadrant house provided their dispositor is connected to trine or kendra either exalted or own sign then it creates a massive Raaj yoga. So never generalized Saturn Ketu conjunction for any chart.

Ketu with Saturn: Saturn is the planet of law & order and Ketu is the planet of limitless, no boundation, breaking rules, so Person with such conjunction has the tendency to go against mankind.
Saturn the lord of natural 10th and 11th house who denotes Profession, hard work, success, credibility, ambition when comes with the planet of sacrifice, disinterest, separation has a peculiar attitude towards work or career. Mostly they are reluctant, scattered but when necessary they will do immense hard work which will be impossible for others to match.
Person with Saturn Ketu Conjunction in horoscope does well in second half of life rather in first half.
If This conjunction takes place in Ascendant then person has a pessimistic approach in almost everything from the beginning. It’s a kind of preset mind they have and gets hard for them to take anything positively in life.
Ketu gives focus, it’s a planet of extreme, when with a planet like Saturn, gives hard core saturnine habits and attitudes in a person, lack of satisfaction, insecure mind, core practicality, fear for everything etc.
Ketu defines identity of a person, when in conjunction with task master Saturn, such people know how to make others work hard for them.
Mostly person with Saturn Ketu conjunction lacks in consequences of their action, very much stubborn on their ideology or whatever they want to go for.
Saturn Ketu conjunction in a chart will not be responsible for their action, If their action destroys family, nation or community they will not give much damn to it.
Only Venus aspect or association with Saturn Ketu conjunction can mellow down then the effect of this conjunction.
Saturn is the planet of Karma, hard work and Ketu is the planet of isolation when together makes a person away or isolated from the society, family, near dear ones cause of their action or Karma.
What sort of flavour this Saturn Ketu conjunction will give, that depends on the dispositor of these two planets and it’s positioning, strength.
Saturn Ketu conjunction in 4th house may give trouble related to cold, cough, breast cancer or any chest lungs related trouble if there is no benefic aspect in 4th house.

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