Saturn – Mars Conjunction in Vedic Astrology

                                                                             This is the conjunction of natural 1st,8th lord with 10th,11th lord which is all related to Karma and rise accordingly.So who ever is having this conjunction in chart has lots to to depend on this Saturn &Mars conjunction to determine the success rate in life.

Mars Denotes : Youth, Aggressiveness, Quickness, Enthusiasm, Impulse,Initiative,Action.

Saturn Denotes : Law & Order, Servant, Hardship,Poverty, Unknown fear, Slow,Old,Pessimism.

Saturn and Mars are inimical to each other, cause from above list we can see there is nothing common between them to have any friendship.When these two are in one sign then clashes are bound to happen and actual result will depend on Sigh house and aspect on them.

First of all these people are very ambitious and feels that they were born to do something big in life as well for society, to bring change in society etc. But then Saturn doesnt make it happen so easily and from there starts the frustration,Bottom line is this conjunction gives frustration.

Saturn & Sun conjunction gives broad shoulder and such people are quite health conscious, love to do exercise or going gym

As mentioned above,ambition will be there but cause of Saturn’s negative and insecure tendency, even after getting opportunity people with this conjunction doesnt play well in career.Fearing of losing dont let them put their 100% on it and keep feel threat to security.

There can be delay or late progress in your brother’s career as Saturn will try to have the grip on Mar’s aggressive approach and Mars represents Brotherhood.

Saturn & Mars conjunction in 4th house gives lots of conflict in mind,they have kind of conflict nature, at times they are highly focused, disciplined and aggressive and the next second they are highly insecure and love to be defensive.Such nature brings trouble in domestic happiness as 4th denotes domestic environment.

Saturn & Mars conjunction in 4th house can give good property as Mars is Bhumi Karak and Saturn is the lord of Property, provided no further affliction and supported by good sign too.

In female chart such conjunction in 4th house will give lack of domestic happiness also can give violence in marriage.

If either lord of Saturn or Mars is Ascendant lord or the lord of 10th then profession can be related to Property,Fitness trainer,Boxer,Surgeon,having business related to Furnace, Boiler, surgical instrument.

Saturn and Mars conjunction in 6th house gives trouble in from legal issues.Better not to take Loan if u r not too much sure of repaying on time.As 6th is the house of service/job this conjunctoin of two opposite pole planets will give tough time sticking to one job for longer period.

Most of the people with such conjunction doesnt know what to do in life and whats actually bothering them;upto certain age, they are clueless about their burning inside.

Saturn and Mars conjunction or mutual aspect cause damage, fractures, bleeding injuries, accident, disaster, inferno after all one is the lord of natural 8th house here thats Mars.

Saturn and Mars together can give skin disease on and off in life and make the person feeling lack of confidence due to bad out look.

The Remedy for Saturn and Mars I already wrote separately last month one should follow all those for at least 6 months. Things are bound to get changed.