Saturn – Mercury Conjunction in Vedic Astrology

                                                                              Such conjunction is one of the rarest one to give early success in life while Saturn means late and old age.Saturn & Mercury conjunction gets formed Thrice a year so not a very rare one at all.These two friendly planets can make you goal oriented, practical, very punctual if well placed as per sign and house.

Mercury Denotes : Speech,communication skill,writing capabilities,humor,sharp mind,intelligence,smartness, eloquence, diplomacy,thinking capability,rationality,logic etc.

Saturn Denotes : Law & Order, Servant, Hardship,Poverty, Delay, Unknown fear, Insecurity,Old age.
Saturn and Mercury are not inimical to each other,when these two friendly planets are in one sign then actual result will depend on Sigh house and aspect on them.

In Ascendant it gives huge analytical capability.

Cause of Saturn’s slow moving tendency it can create speech problem hence lack of self expression.

People with Mercury & Saturn are mostly very much focused and never go for banging head for taking challenges in life.

Though Saturn is not an ambitious planet, but when with Mercury it makes a person so ambitious but little delayed achievement cause of Saturn’s slow moves.

This conjunction works so well in life if Saturn is strong here – either in own sign or sign of exaltation. That gives lots of firmness in character with day by day achieving goal like PM of Uk Margaret Thatcher.

Saturn & Mercury makes a person very much cautious and calculative.

Saturn & Mercury conjunction in 4th house can give education progress very slowly.Student finds it difficult to get through the examinations.

As Mercury denotes skin,sitting with Saturn can give skin problem.

Mercury is not a hard working planet, it makes the work done by others and when in conjunction with Saturn that can give more inclination of doing brain work rather physical hard work.

Mercury and Saturn conjunction will create some distaste for writing and those who are having well placed Saturn & Mercury conjunction Like Bill Clinton,can be in writing thats too analytical write up.

Saturn and Mercury conjunction gives tendency being sarcastic while conversing.

Either Saturn or Mercury is the lord of 1st or 10th house can give very much diplomacy skill and good way of making money through business.

This natural 3rd,6th and 10th,11th lord conjunction gives slow but abandon of consistency to keep working smartly day night to reach their goal.