Saturn – Moon Conjunction in Vedic Astrology

                                                                               Such conjunction happens twice in every month as Moon being the fastest moving planet comes close to any planet or sign once in every 15days. So Saturn and Moon conjunction is not the rare one.Remember Saturn and Moon also makes Punarphoo Dosha.

Moon Denotes : Mother,Mind,Emotion,Psychological approach,Sensitivity,Agriculture land,Imagination.

Saturn Denotes : Law & Order, Servant, Hardship,Poverty, Delay,Unknown fear.

Saturn and Moon are not inimical to each other, but Saturn is inimical to Moon. when these two are in one sign then actual result will depend on Sigh house and aspect on them.

In Ascendant it gives slim body.

Cause of saturn’s slow moving tendency it gives Low intelligence and lack of self expression.

People with this conjunction are not always your most adventurous or playful friend, but they will be your rock and anchor.

Hardship to mother, her life will be full of difficulties.

There will be too much of depressive vibes while conversing.

Moon denotes our mind and sitting with Saturn will give unknown fear to our Mind.

Saturn & Moon conjunction in 4th house can give timidity to a person females can have lack of breast milk.

Saturn with Moon conjunction can give interest in rendering help to poor people and working for some NGO and needy people.

In female chart such conjunction in 4th house will give lack of domestic happiness.

There can be break in engagement or delay in marriage fixation, pros pone of marriage date as such conjunction also makes Punarphoo Dosha.

Saturn and Moon together in 8th house can give the tendency of suicide and lots of mental trauma.

Such conjunction in 7th is going to give first of all huge delay in marriage and after marriage trouble in married life.If there is not Mitigation factor then chances of not getting married at all cant be ruled out.

If Saturn and Moon is together also afflicted or weak due to sign then there can be a great chances of having Psychological problem and too much of insecurity which will make them unsocial day by day.

The Remedy of Saturn and Moon I already wrote last month separately,one should follow all those for at least 6 months. Things are bound to get changed.