Saturn – Rahu Conjunction in Vedic Astrology

                                                                          One of the rarest conjunction in astrology is Saturn & Rahu sitting together in same sign as both the planets are slow moving so This rarest conjunction happens once in 18years and half period of time.Rahu doesnt have any quaoities of his own it only amplifies the characteristics of Sign, house and with the planet it comes in conjunction with.

Hence here Rahu works as  double Saturn in a chart which is a deadly combination.

But when Saturn is Yoga karak or Ascendant lord sitting with rahu in trine or quadrant house  provided their dispositor is connected to trine or kendra either exalted or own sign then it creates a massive Raaj yoga. So never generalized Rahu Saturn conjunction for any chart.

Rahu with Saturn: Saturn is the planet of law & order and Rahu is the planet of limitless, no boundation, breaking rules, so Person with such conjunction has the tendency to go agaist man kind.

If Rahu & Saturn conjunction takes place in Ascendant then the personality of a man will be quastionable and his life goes with ups and downs as Saturn is a planet of karma and law abiding planet and rahu has the obsession for everything it loves to take short cut in life. so this opposite nature planets make a person’s life quite clueless.

Saturn is a secretive planet and Rahu sitting with Saturn enhances secret activities of a person, so one can get involved in concealed activities such as conspiracy,secretive dealings, smuggling, gambling underground activities.

If Saturn is not strong enough in chart then  Rahu’s conjunction with Saturn can force a person to get involved in some acts which are prohibited by the law of the country  such as dealing with liquors and drugs etc.

Rahu is a restless impatient planet and Saturn is the planet of patience and restriction so whenever these two planets are together in a sign, person gets frustrated very easily as rahu will try to get the thing done immediately and saturn will delay everything. So this war between Rahu & Saturn can take a person to go for illegal ways to achieve things.

Saturn & Rahu conjunction in 7th house of marriage or partnership gives delayed marriage and marriage with a different caste or community person, as Saturn denotes delay and Rahu is of other caste people.Saturn Rahu conjunction in 5th house or with 5th house lord gives trouble in having children, either  all female progeny or no progeny at all.

If Saturn and Rahu conjunction takes place where Saturn is strong sign and house wise then  such combination can  create a very good businessman too.Saturn & Rahu conjunction in Ascendant, 6th or 8th house always gives health issues on and off through out life.

No matter in which house this conjunction of Saturn & Rahu is taking place, it surly gives trouble and stress in family life and there is always a war goes inside their head thats coz of  opposite nature of Saturn and Rahu.If Chart is strong enough then this Saturn & Rahu conjunction in 6th house gives enough strength to give good fight to enemy or opposition.