Saturn – Sun Conjunction in Vedic Astrology

                                                                             Such conjunction happens once in a year as Sun being the faster moving than Saturn who moves from one sign to another in every 30days.

Sun Denotes : Father, Govt, Authority, Power,Ego,Personality.

Saturn Denotes : Law & Order, Servant, Hardship,Poverty, Unknown fear.

Saturn and Sun are inimical to each other, when these two are in one sign then actual result will depend on Sigh house and aspect on them.

First of all Difference with father or authority at home like Grand father or fatherly figure or husband.

Mostly Father does something coz of that son will have to feel ashamed in society or vice versa.

Trouble from Government.

Your Boss at work will always keep on surpassing you or Limit your act.

Self doubt is one of the major curse of this conjunction.

Saturn & Sun conjunction in 4th house gives fight between father and son regarding property.

In female chart such conjunction in 4th house will give lack of domestic happiness.

There can be break or incomplete higher education if this conjunction is in 9th house.

Saturn and Sun conjunction in 6th house gives trouble in getting loan sanctioned and once its sanctioned then the arguments keep coming from the authority for some or the other reason.

If Saturn and Sun are together in 7th house or then there will be surly some ego clash between husband and wife.Partnership deal in business is never fruitful for such person.

Such conjunction in 7th is going to give trouble in married life and father should not influence son/daughter while choosing spouse.

Saturn and Sun conjunction if in 12th or 6th house can give acute pain in ankle or knee joints.

If Saturn and Sun is together also afflicted or weak due to sign then there can be a great chances of having slip disk problem.

The Remedy of Saturn and Sun I already wrote last month one should follow all those for atleast 6 months. Things are bound to get changed.